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Power Jusho

Power Jusho's Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night, the game that no one really asked for but it's a game people should play.


So P4DAN(how I'm going to refer to it for now on) was announced back in 2013, along with a bunch of other Persona related announcements (i.e Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and the almighty Persona 5). Personally, I found P4DAN the odd one of the bunch because 1. I felt that Atlus was kiiiinda pushing the P4 series with this title and 2. was seriously not expecting a rhythm game from a series know for its semi-serious story and action gameplay.


So I was able to grab this game last year on Black Friday and check out it (because school and other things, I couldn't put much time into it).


For the story aspect of the game, I feel like it's pretty weak. It didn't really hook me like P4/P4G or P4A/AU did only until near end game. Basically, there are missing idols, who are a part of Kanamin's Kitchen, who are trapped in the Midnight Stage and the Investigation Team has to go rescue them while they were in the middle of practicing for a festival (or something like that :P ) while Dojima, Nanako, and Kanamin, who's one of the members of the idol group obviously, has their own adventures. I feel that there were too much text, I was falling asleep because it wasn't interesting. The voiced segments were, of course, great. Atlus with their awesome dubs and, sadly, this was the only game in the Persona 4 line where Laura Bailey did not reprise her role of Rise and was replaced by Ashly Burch.

Now for gameplay. Like in previous Persona games, you have to defeat shadows but in this game, you have to defeat them by DANCING! Yeah, every time I hear the characters say something like "We have to beat them by dancing", I died a little bit inside. It was very cringy to me. But besides that, the rhythm game portion are pretty good but, to me, I feel like there are not that many songs in the story mode and a bit difficult if playing on a big screen, i.e PS TV, because the buttons comes from the center and to the sides of the screens. If you played a Project Diva game (mainly the PSP games), it plays similar to them because it was made by Dingo. You can also add challenges to the songs to make the songs easier or harder to let you gain more money or get a better status.


There are costumes/accessories you can unlock by play/replaying songs to get in-game currency & one unlockable secret character. There are also other costumes/accessories that you can get, 3 DLC characters, and 8 songs under paid DLC.


So overall, I give this game an OKAY. I say grab this game if you are a huge Persona fan and want all the games or if you're into music and rhythm games.

But hey, you don't have to take my word for it (insert Reading Rainbow ba dun dun here).

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