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Rose Riku

Merman Love. o.o

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I was at my friend's house earlier and she was playing Kingdom Hearts 2. She happened to go into Atlantica and I was feeling pretty bored ... so ...


I grabbed her giant crayon box and a notebook and decided to scribble this to amuse her. It is now hanging on her wall because it's the most awesome thing ever. I'm gonna make her draw me a picture of a Mermaid Marluxia later so I can hang it on MY wall. xDD


So, no, this isn't art. But it IS an image that I thought I would share because... it's KH, it's stupid, and I'm bored. LMAO. It took me ten minutes and I only used like, six crayons out of a 52 pack. xDD


Posted Image


Don't judge. I already know Ima ree. http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

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not black.


dark red.


but i was using craptastic crayons. so i was too lazy. like i said, i wasn't really trying to be artistic. just silly.


but he does look like marluxia. xD

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I like how you made their faces so cute ^^ And you're not stupid nor crazy for drawing this; I've done it too. ^^; Feel free to check out my merman version of Demyx.

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