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  1. 1. What is the best world from KH1?

    • Agrabah
    • Atlantica
    • Monstro
    • Traverse Town
    • Destiny Islands
    • The End of the World
    • Neverland
    • Halloween Town
    • Wonderland
    • The Colliseum
    • Deep Jungle
    • Hollow Bastion

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4:Hollow Bastion

3:Halloween Town

2:Destiny Islands

1:Traverse Town


Honorable Mention: End of the World


This is my personal top 5 worlds for Kingdom Hearts 1. In the coming months im also launching a youtube channel where ill be discussing my tops 5/10 for many different KH related topics. I will also be featuring these poll results in the video and possibly mentioning commenters so make sure to vote and comment so we can discuss ^_^

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Hollow Bastion wasn't in the poll, so I added it ;)


Anyway my top 5 are:


5. Colliseum

4. Halloween Town

3. Traverse Town

2. Neverland

1. Hollow Bastion


My top five, in order from least to greatest:


5. Neverland

4. Monstro

3. Halloween Town

2. Deep Jungle

1. Hollow Bastion




5. Agrabah

4. Neverland

3. The Colliseum

2. Traverse Town

1. Hollow Bastion


Honorable Mention: End of the World.

Yay! Hollow Bastion love! That world needs more love!!!! It's the greatest world out of all of the games imo.




From 1 to 5

Hollow Bastion


End Of the World

Traverse Town

Olympus Coliseum

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5. Atlantica (really like how they captured the under the sea feel and exploring the dark depths of the seas)

4. Agrabah (when it wasn't overused yet, but still fun and so much to explore)

3. Hollow Bastion (what a beautiful penultimate level and one of my favorite castles ever)

2. Deep Jungle (I just love Tarzan)

1. Traverse Town (The most beautiful town ever created with a very fitting and beautiful score)


Honorable Mention: Destiny Island. A great world with a great score, but we hardly get to see any of it and we can't go back once it's completed.

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My favourite is definitely Traverse Town, I love the music and the environment. It's also the most nostalgic world for me.

2nd place and 3rd place would be Hollow Bastion (awesome music, again, nostalgic) and then Deep Jungle for the same reason. I also like Halloween town because I liked the easy boss fights against Oogie, they were pretty fun and the characters themselves were really fun. My final world would have to be End of The World. Just a very enjoyable world!

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