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Which part of the 0.2 opening did you love the most?  

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  1. 1. Which part of the 0.2 opening did you love the most?

    • Young Sora, Kairi and Riku playing in the water
    • Aqua, Ventus and Terra holding hands in the air
    • Aqua and Mickey fighting Venitas and Terranort
    • Sora reaching out to Aqua's hand
    • The aerial shot of Castle of Dreams
    • Master Xehanort's appearance
    • The Wayfinder moments
    • All of it!
    • Nothing in particular
    • Something else? Share below!

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The BBS trio holding hands in the air.




edit: you're giving me...TOO MANY FEELS LATELY.

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All of it! Like from the moment the opening started playing I had the biggest smile on my face. The graphics, the CGI, the music, Aqua holding hands with Terra and Ventus while falling from the sky, and Sora's hand reaching out to save Aqua from the darkness. Everything about the opening was so beautiful.


Here's a list of my favorite Kingdom Hearts opening scenes.

1.) 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage

2.) Dream Drop Distance

3.) Kingdom Hearts 2

4.) Birth by Sleep

5.) Kingdom Hearts 1

6.) 358/2 Days

7.) Re:Coded

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Can't believe no one's mentioned the part with Mickey coming down from Sora's Station of Awakening to save Aqua. That whole part, from when Aqua was shoved onto the ground and when she looked up at Ven (Vanitas) and Terra(nort) so helplessly, like they were complete strangers to her, gave me chills, along with how perfect the song synced at the point that the light shined down and Mickey came down to save Aqua. When they looked at each other and held hands, it was a pretty moving scene, since it seemed like she was finally saved from being alone.


Of course, the scenes of the BBS trio holding hands in the sky was amazing as well as the last scene with Aqua reaching out to Sora's hand. Anyone notice how similar the three of them spun in the air compared to a Wayfinder? Never thought of a Wayfinder like that, even though the meanings of "friends" and "being connected" are basically prevalent.

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I say all of it! But, my most favorite moments are when Mickey appeared and did that spin into an offensive slash towards Venitas and Terranort, and Aqua, Ven, and Terra falling with their hands interlaced! I almost cried, it was so beautiful! Also, I'm pretty sure that is not Castle of Dreams. At least not how it normally looks. It's probably just symbolism for once radiant worlds having their lights snuffed out by Xehanort.

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Venitas and Terranort quilling Aqua or Xehanort destroying dreams and hopes just like Harlea does in AtM.



Following wat Movies798 said, I'll also list my favourite openings:


1. KH 358/2 days

2. KH 358/2 days HD (it changed a bit xD)

3. KH 0.2 A fragmentary passage

4. KH 1



7. KH 2

8. KH Re: Coded (can't even remember it xD)

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Honestly the final splash was the most nostalgic part to me. It was very KH1-ish to me, and was a very satisfying way to end the intro. They really knew how to build and solve the tension on this intro.

I'm kind of sad that it didn't follow just like the TGS trailer though. Whoever edited that trailer did a way better job at fitting the music with the intro. They should have switched the clipshow part with the Terra and Ventus disappearing part. Those strings just fit that so well!

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Too many moments to choose from! It's just amazing!

Though amazing as the opening is, did anyone else notice that Ventus-Vanitas's eyes were the wrong colour? He's meant to have yellow eyes like Vanitas in that form but he had Ven's blue eyes instead.

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The BBS trio holding hands. They look so happy in that scene and it's just so heartwarming seeing them together again. Plus it's in stark contrast to a scene a little before that where they were still together, but Ven and Terra were still possessed so this switch from a darker moment to a happier one is beautiful

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