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With the KH2 novel coming 2017, which one should be localized next?

With KH2 coming 2017, which KH novel should be localized next?  

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  1. 1. With KH2 coming 2017, which KH novel should be localized next?

    • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    • Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
    • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
    • Not interested in novels.
    • Make KH3D novels and translate those!
    • Something else? Share below!

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I voted the making 3D novels, but really I want all of them to be localized. In terms of release order though, I'd follow the games' release order, so 358/2 Days first, followed by Birth by Sleep, then Re:Coded, and then give us the Dream Drop Distance novels. I mean, with 2.8's release, it'd certainly be relevant enough, and the same goes for the rest thanks to 1.5+2.5's release.

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Well, I think the next one I'd love to see localized would be the one where the three friends meet miserable ends at the hands of good ol Master Baldinort! He's my kind of guy, and he's got potential as a wonderful villain, so yeah, Birth By Sleep would be my choice! B)


All the others ones would follow suit too, I imagine!

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I need the Birth By Sleep Novel! Especially for Vanitas because there is so much more to him than a 'villainous character' or 'a boy from darkness'. He's been through so much pain, and it surprises me how many people are unaware of just what he has been through. It broke my heart the first time I read it.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Novels

In the novels, Vanitas's life between his creation and the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is expanded upon. At first, Vanitas was a faceless being much like a Heartless but with red eyes, that felt sad for his separation from Ventus. However, that sadness soon turned to hate and contempt for what he considered his weakness. In a way, Vanitas hated himself for being so weak.


Vanitas was well aware of his existence, and soon started questioning why he was born, and every time he felt something, an Unversed would come to be. This caused him to be irritated by the fact that such a monster was born from him, so he destroyed the Unversed with his Keyblade without any hesitation; but every time he destroyed an Unversed, he himself would feel strong physical pain running through his body, and after the Unversed was destroyed, the pain and negative feeling would return to Vanitas's mind, which added more to the irritation he was feeling and in turn another Unversed of "irritation" would be born from him.

When a newborn's heart came in contact with Ventus's fractured heart, he also directly contacted Vanitas's heart. After feeling a sharp pain in his chest, Vanitas's body fell to the ground of the wasteland near the Keyblade Graveyard and almost lost his consciousness, feeling being engulfed by absolute Darkness. That was when Vanitas heard Sora's voice and then he saw Light.


The Light eventually surrounded his whole body. He then heard a voice saying, "Let's open the door". Vanitas then opened his eyes and found out that now he had a normal boy's face. He also realized that someone, probably also a newborn heart like himself, had saved Ventus's heart from completely fading away.

Because Vanitas told Master Xehanort that if he kept both him and Ventus, he couldn't guarantee that he could keep Ventus alive, since he found it was hard to suppress his impulse to hurt Ventus, Xehanort had to take Ventus to the Land of Departure, asking Eraqus to take care of the boy. But after Ventus left, Vanitas started to miss him, and he kept wondering why they got separated from each other, blaming Xehanort for their separation. This caused him to feel miserable and immense pain, and soon he became jealous of Ventus who was unable to feel anything.


At the same time, he also felt very lost and anxious about his future and started to question his own existence. The more he questions himself, the more anxious, irritated, and lonely he felt. And the more he felt that, the more Unversed were created. Looking at the Unversed was like looking at his own weakness that he did not want to admit, so he started to kill them in a cycle of suffering that he could not escape.


At the same time, Master Xehanort only coldly watch Vanitas harming himself from far away. Vanitas desperately wanted to escape from this vicious cycle of pain and suffering, but as young as he was at that time, he simply didn't know any other ways other than killing the Unversed until the pain was too much for him to endure that he collapsed and cried. Taking advantage of Vanitas's sadness, Xehanort told him that the only way to be freed from his sufferings is by becoming the χ-blade.

Becoming the χ-blade was the only way for him to truly unite with Ventus again, and the χ-blade would bring salvation not only to him but also to the whole world. Vanitas desperately wanted to free himself from this unbearable fate, thus to become the χ-blade had now become his goal, his whole life purpose, and his only Light of Hope to lead him out of this Darkness.

Just if anyone is interested in a read, and one of the reasons I just, want Vanitas to be saved. ; ;

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KH3D already has novels...goldpanner even translated a few chapters before she stopped.

Talking about full fledged, released in stores in English novels. Not fan translations

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Talking about full fledged, released in stores in English novels. Not fan translations


OP seemed to be under the impression that KH3D novels didn't exist, period.


Are the novels good at all?

The Disney material is mostly average/forgettable (about what I expected), but the original content (lore, character thoughts, etc.) not shown in the games is actually very interesting if you're into that sort of thing.

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Birth By Sleep! Wait ... That will make me cry a lot and shatter my heart. Never mind. Days should be next. Oh wait, that one's pretty sad too. :


I've decided! I'll go Team DDD!  ;)

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