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Planet Torimotoda (DragonBall/One Piece/Naruto X-Over)

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A world of martial arts, a world of pirates, and a world of shinobi.


Based on those descriptions alone, one would automatically think that these worlds were far from ordinary. And you would be right.


The lives of Son Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and Naruto Uzumaki are full of action, adventure, legends, wars, comedy, tragedy, and romance (and not the kissy-kissy type).


As they constantly push theirselves to the absolute limit while battling humans, beasts, mortals, and gods alike, it would take an entire saga (or sagas) just to detail the many feats and events that these three titans have to their respective names.


But, even with all that, something has happened that goes beyond that level of understanding… an incident where those same titans, accompanied by their friends, found themselves on a strange, new world. A new world entirely populated and controlled by the most dastardly enemies and obstacles that they have encountered in the past, all looking to settle their scores and take them all out.


In a time like this, there’s only one thing our heroes can do: stick together, survive the odds, and kick all sorts of ass.




  • This RP works with a set roster of characters. You may pick at least two characters to play as, but no more. For availability: first come, first serve.
  • Feel free to join even if you’re not familiar with any one or more of the three series. I’m open to anyone as long as they want to have fun.
  • Explicit content allowed in posts include: minor swearing, minor explicit references to sex, and minimal description of blood and violence are allowed. Please do not be more explicit than this.
  • I’m balancing everyone’s battle power (mostly DragonBall) so that no one main character, regardless of series, is massively stronger than the other. Anybody caught overstepping this rule will be considered “god-modding” and get kicked from the RP. I’ll go further into detail later.
  • Post as often as possible. There are a lot of characters that are constantly doing things so I need as much participation as possible. Personal emergencies or busy-ness is understandable, but at the very least, do your best to work around it if possible.
  • All other miscellaneous KH13 roleplaying rules apply.





Son Goku –

Bulma –

Vegeta –

Trunks (Future) –

Gotenks –

Piccolo –

Kuririn –

Lazuli i.e Android 18 –

Muten Roshi –

Mr. Satan –


One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy –

Roronoa Zoro –

Nami –

Ussop –

Sanji –

Tony Tony Chopper –

Nico Robin –

Franky –

Brook –

Trafalgar Law –



Naruto Uzumaki –

Sasuke Uchiha –

Sakura Haruno –

Kakashi Hatake –

Rock Lee –

Might Gai –

Shikamaru Nara –

Hinata Hyuga –

Konohamaru Sarutobi –

Gaara –


If you'd like more information, feel free to ask and also take a look at this RP's interest check.

Edited by Firaga Sensei

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