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English release of 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep Omnibuses announced by Yen Press

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Yen Press announced on their official Twitter through various Tweets that they would be releasing English omnibuses of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, also posting pictures of the potential covers for each.


While the three original 358/2 Days novels will be collected in a single omnibus, it is unclear whether the Birth by Sleep omnibus will collect all three original volumes as well, or only two, followed by the third novel as an independent release. Regarding the Birth by Sleep novels, Yen Press's only comment was:

The last one for today...another omnibus! And another Kingdom Hearts title!

Yen Press went on to confirm that the previously announced Kingdom Hearts II novel would be released in 2 omnibuses.


You can view potential covers released by Yen Press below.


CytAhxaWIAAalPkdaysKHII OneKHII Two


So far no details have been given as to release dates for either the

358/2 Days


Birth by Sleep novels.


Which omnibus are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!


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This is great. Can't wait. They can't forget Dream Drop Distance though.


Or Re:Coded. Gotta get all of Kingdom Hearts in literary form to take the fun on the go, seeing how it's going to probably be a while before the series goes mobile again...beyond Unchained I mean.


Hopefully Tomoco-sensei will continue writing the novels!


Really bummed about the KH series manga being finished.

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Wow, we're going to get all of these novels too!? Dang, next year really is the year of Kingdom Hearts! How exciting! :D


With only Dream Drop Distance and Re:Coded remaining to be novelized, we'd just be two novels away from having the entire Kingdom Hearts series novelized! I really need to get to collecting these! xD


Thanks for showing us this, Sora'spromise! :D

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I'm a bit interested on the Days one. The writer of the novels was part of the development of the game, so while it's not any less non-canon than the others, the mindset in it might give some insight on the general idea behind Days, since she came up with the core concepts of Xion's storyline.

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