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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Entry Giveaway FINAL ENTRIES

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For my 3rd and 4th entries, I would like to add all of these in. This will be my last entries for the giveaway. 


Paintings Abstract?

I hope paintings are ok for this. For my 3rd entry I wanted to add these paintings in. These paintings are suppose to be Abstract paintings. But you guys might may think they're not. I did these paintings back when I was in community college. Kingdom Hearts was really in my mind. One of them I wanted to do my take on Darkness. The other, all I remember is, figuring out what to paint that doesn't symbolize anything. Then Axel's quote regarding the sun sets red came into my mind. 



For my 4th and last entry I wanted to add this drawing in. I got a side case of "Drawer's block" when drawing this picture. At first I wanted to do just my take on the "Devil's Wave" regarding these Shadows. Then Mickey and Aqua came into my mind. So I attempted to draw both of them in, since they were fighting some shadows together. My only wish is I wanted to add more Shadows in. But since Christmas is really close by, I had to cut it short. 








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