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HarLea Quinn

How Long Should Our 2.8 Spoiler Policy Be Implemented?

How long should our spoiler policy be for 2.8?  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. How long should our spoiler policy be?

    • 1 month
    • 6 weeks
    • 2 months
    • Other- Let us know below

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I'd personally want to go with as long as everyone else thinks is feasible; spoilers are the easiest way to just flat out ruin a story, and not everyone's gonna get to play 2.8 in the first few months of release (it is a full $60, after all).

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I think it should be one month after the game comes out in places outside of Japan on the 24th of January, that way people would have a chance to play it outside of Japan fully without being spoiled if they don't want to be. So I think until February 24th, that the spoiler policy should be in affect to give everyone outside of Japan at least one month to finish the game before people on here don't use the policy. It seems a bit unfair to say that the timer for when the policy doesn't work any longer should start when Japan gets the game, because that would give everyone outside of Japan who aren't importing the game less time to complete the game without being spoiled. So yeah, I think until February 24th, we should have a spoiler policy on here so it gives at least a full month to everyone outside of Japan and give Japanese people more than a month to complete the game. It only seems fair that this is the way things are.

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I'm also a fan of just 1 month. We're a forum of KH enthusiasts, so it's kind of expected that the majority of people here will finish the game reasonably quickly - at least more quickly than in any other online communities. But treat my opinion as just a single opinion, I'm happy to leave it up to the community.

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