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What Christmas gift(s) did you get?

What Christmas gift(s) did you get?  

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  1. 1. What Christmas gift(s) did you get?

    • Trading cards
    • Accessories
    • Clothes
    • Games
    • DVDs/Blu rays
    • A PS4 for Kingdom Hearts, baby!
    • Money, money, money!
    • Gift card(s)
    • A new PC
    • Merchandise
    • New phone/tablet
    • Toys (that's right!)
    • Nothing
    • Something else? Share below!

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I got:

- Pink Tights

- 2 things of Yan-Yans

- 2 things of Pocky

- Pink Grapefruit lipbalm

- Eyeliner that looks like a marker

- 2 pairs of Rudolf panties

- Korilakumma plushie

- Candy Canes

- Chocolates

- Tutti Fruitti Scented Glitter Pens that can write on black paper

- Fruit Scented Glitter Pens

- Blue Skullcandy headphones

- An Amazon Fire since my other one cracked to pieces

- A lolita dress from Bodyline

- Shoes from Bodyline

- Blouse from Bodyline

- 2 sets of Japanese DIY Candies

- Kuroshitsuji Volume XII 

- A cute little emoji winter hat 

- A Minions shirt

- A poster board someone drew for me that is absolutely gorgeous 

- I also still have $20 left over

- Yes I am a little bit spoiled but I am the oldest kid in my house right now

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Well, I chose something else because I got a few things!


For Christmas, I got myself a Kingdom Hearts II cap and three pairs of Kingdom Hearts socks at a store called Specs! At JCPenney, I got myself an Iron Fist and K-2SO graphic tees, and I bought myself some breaded chicken breast fillets with nuggets and potatoes with gravy for dinner from Church's Chicken, ooh yeah! And it was all thanks to Christmas money my sister and my dad gave me!  And my brother gave me Pokemon Sun two weeks before Christmas! :3

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I got 3 cosplay keyblade from my family! I got the kingdom key, oblivion, and oath keeper! I have been wanting one of these for years and I couldn't belive the got me all three. Unfortunately I had to leave them at home since I'm in the Navy and have no where to store them. Sad face

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I got a the New Galaxy 3DS XL~

Pokémon Moon, I have Sun already but I asked for Moon so I'm happy~

I got a cool Marvel PJ, Owl Sweater and I got myself a giraffe sweatshirt. I'm prettty happy with what I got!

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Luigi's Mansion, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colors DS, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Manga, 358/2 Days vol. I, II, III, and V Manga, and KHII vol. II and III Manga! :D I already had the first volume of KHII, and volume four of 358/2 Days.

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