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Who is he relly the first student think about it?

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Hallo there every Keybladers Steeghs is here. :3 
And Welcome to Think about it
The show where i think about something, say why that so is and you can leave in the comment below if i was right or wrong. xP 
In this topic i want to start of big like one of the biggest mestery of the kingdom heart series.
Who was the first student of the master of master?
Before i say who it can be let's talk why i think that it so is. ;) 
What is the role if the first student of the master of master that he gets from him after the the forth tellers became masters?
His role was to watch and do not fight.
And now you are thinking to you self : what makes that i big deal about who he is?
Well i lot because in the kingdom hearts serie's he is the only 1 alive of the rest and he is still watching.
Keybladers of light and dark i say that the first student is ....
Master Yensid  :O 
He is still only watching and not fighting after all this time because he knows that was his first role and he keeps it.
I know he makes new peolpe keyblade masters and gives knowledge to the rest.
But still he is only watching after all this years.
I know that this makes no sense but that is what i im thinking right now.
If you think that i was right or wrong just leave it in the comments below and why that so is.
This topic is to make you think and say what you think so go for it.
This was steeghs hope you all had a great read and till next time bye bye.

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Well, that would explain how Yen Sid knows Xehanort and Eraqus and how he mentioned that he trained with them, but I think that Yen Sid was an apprentice, just like Xehanort and Eraqus, and that their Master might have possibly been Luxu! But, thanks to your theory, it's made me think that there could be a possibility that Luxu is Yen Sid! I mean, if Ansem went around as Diz, then Yen Sid could also go under an alias! It's pretty curious, now that you think about it!  It's true that his role in things has been to observe, like Luxu, but I dunno, maybe there's something here, maybe there isn't!


And also, Yen Sid's Keyblade is the Star Seeker, so that makes me think that he might not be Luxu!

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