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Niko Collins


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I have been watching PSAs from the dawn of TV to today and I have to admit that they are all...pretty wierd...especially when they get drugs involved. But it got me to thinking...what if Kingdom Hearts had a PSA?!? Well if you weren't thinking about it, I'M TELL YOU ANYWAY SO SIT DOWN!!!!



Since Kingdom Hearts is a kid-0friendly affair...minus the fact that Xehanort and Xemnas almost look like Pedophiles...it would be hard to get a anti-drug PSA with KH characters to work...disney did it with ALice in wonderland (watch the damn movie!!) So this is what I got...


Sora, Donald and Goofy go to wonderland and....well let's just say it becomes a Drug PSA the moment they get there...I'll leave it to you guys.


Sora on the effects of...uh...hmmm...well lets just go with bullying shall we?

Sora and Co. walk through...(name world here) and find (cutesy indiviual from said world here) is getting bullied. Sora and the gang come to his/her defense and talk about being brave enough to tell someone they're being bullied and whatnot. Yay..

Well to be honest this PSA could take place in our world instead of a Disney world to lower the cost of it a little. Maybe even get a celebrity to help? (lookin at you Peyton Manning or Richard Sherman)


Well that's all I got...what do you think?

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I'd prefer if the people who make PSAs make a straight-forward ad, no dodging the subject, nothing obscenely scary and mentally scarring, nothing awkward, just what needs to be said:


Drugs bought on the street will kill you or hurt you, don't take them.


Prescription Drugs can be deadly in excessive doses, watch it.


Bullying must never be tolerated, fight back if needed.


Depression is not to be ignored, neither is crippling anxiety or other mental disorders. Just because it can't be seen doesn't mean it isn't there.


So unless KH PSAs can get the point across, I'm not all for this.

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