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Black Butler (Post season 2) Batman crossover!

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Centuries after Ciel Phantomhive becomes a demon and Sebastian Michaelis is forever contracted to him, the Funtom company is still in business and has expanded to America. Ciel and Sebastian have recently relocated to the United States in the year 2017, Ciel seeks to form a business partnership with the richest man in Gotham City and owner of the Wayne Corporation: Bruce Wayne.

Ciel soon will find his days of acting as the Queen's Watchdog to be quite useful amongst Gotham's sea of crime lords, costumed maniacs and psychopaths....and one man allying himself with the local police force who seeks to stomp out Gotham's seedy underworld.

The roles of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis are up for grabs, I shall handle the DC side of things for the most part! OCs are permitted!!

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