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Favorite music from the series?

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Hello all! This morning I made a post on reddit.com/r/kingdomhearts where I asked about everyone's favorite songs from the series, and I thought I might bring it here as well in hopes of hearing more excellent opinions. Please feel free to comment on the Reddit post itself (linked below), or on this topic, just as long as you share your opinion :)


Here are my top 5, in no particular order:

1) Dearly Beloved

2) Roxas' Theme/The Other Promise

3) The 13th Struggle

4) "Xion's Theme" (I know that's not the technical title, but :P )

5) Hikari


Thank you to those who participate, and I look forward to hearing many great opinions! :)


~Original Reddit Post~


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Hey, I'm a trombone player too!


Probably for me it would be this (it is impromptu, so it'll probably change a little bit if I listen to the music from the games again):


5. Exploration theme for Deep Jungle

4. The 13th Struggle

3. Roxas' Theme

2. Kairi's theme (the music box one)

1. Rage Awakened (Lingering Will Boss Theme)

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1) Hikari

2) Xion's theme (I will never be able to call that thing by the right name, it's just a fact)

3) Dearly Beloved (esp BBS version)

4) Aqua's Theme

5) The Other Promise


5 Honorable mentions, because only saying five is a bit too little:


1) Link to All

2) Distant From You

3) Rage Awakened

4) All For One

5) The last new one of 0.2 (I don't think saying that is a spoiler, so)

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So all of you know this is not my top list I.E top 5 or 10 etc. this is to tell you my favorite songs on the entire series anyway to the point to be honest it's really hard to pick but if i must my most favorite songs are opening & ending of Kingdom hearts 1 & 2,when Sora sacrifice his life to help Kairi then that song played & one winged Angel yep you might know the song from Sephiroth.


Like i said it's really hard for me to pick since i guess i might as well & come clean & say i love all songs on Kingdom hearts 1 & 2 & i love all songs of Final Fantasy VII if any of you thinks that's weird that i love game music since some of my favorite songs are game music i fully understand & don't worry i do have other favorite songs other then game music & anime music as 1 of the examples before any of you ask me like what I'm a fan of Shinedown if you want me to give any of you anymore examples feel free to ask & I'll gladly tell you if you want me to :).

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