Wooden Keyblades, Drawings and... stuff. Maybe even a FanFiction?

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Hey guys! I decided to share my work with you. To cut things short, I like to draw... but it happens only once in a few months. So I don't have much material of drawings right now. But the ''good'' thing is that I failed my exam on monday xD So I have now enough time to draw, write or work on KH related stuff :P


For the beginning... have a look at my wooden Starlight Keyblade! I made this on a whim last summer. Took a big plate of wood and painted a Keyblade on it. So it isn't real balanced, the grip for example. But for my first time working with that kind of stuff I did real good. You can watch the progress on the pictures below. (Nevermind the trainstation plan in the background... haha) You can even see the transitions for sticking together, I used wood mastic(or how its called) to hide them. It is quite heavy, around 2,5kg/5.51lbs - I can lift it with one hand... but swinging around takes both.





This is one of my characters from my planned KH Story ''Point -255''. He is called Master Iustus and uses light and darkness as well. Like a scale, he thinks it must be in balance to exist - There is no ''pure'' evil. It depends on the person who does it. Currently under revise, got some new ideas for him. If someone could help me to translate it into English? I would appreciate that!




Another picture of Iustus. I tried a more realistic style like from JoJo's bizarre Adventure. But it always merges with such a comical structure... and I am never satisfied with that. What I like is his outfit changing more and more. The first sketch of him was a catastrophe! But still funny how he evolved. Never meant to play a bigger role in my story, so is he now quite important against the villain (a dark version of my KHx Avatar but not just copy/paste) xD


Feedback and stuff welcome! :D

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Bump dee dump... posting a few new drawings!





Picture of myself. Well, I know this was made by me in the night before my theoretical exams. Had about 3 hours of sleep, but had a satisfying drawing hahaha. And yep, it is indeed a T-shirt of The Flash! :D





Not exactly a drawing, but a work of art I made few years ago. A wayfinder made out paper!





A newer drawing of Master Iustus. I totally suck at poses, so ignore his strange floating-sitting whatever pose. I just wanted to draw his trousers Dx





Reference to the Keyblade of Iustus. It is egyptian-themed because I think it fits perfect to the whole light-darkness thing. Live an honorable life and you will be blessed at the judgement of the dead in the egyptian mythology. The upper right one is the very first version of his blade. I shall call it ''Justice'' or like the godess of justice ''Justicia''. Not decided yet.





May I introduce one of my oldest characters, Uri! Can't believe this drawing is from 2012 ago, almost 5 years now! He is one of the main characters in my planned story, but first he will join my keyblade wielders like another figure of mine...





Another character, but from 2010. Uri was already created around that time but looked veeery different. This is my namesake, Dousa Katsumi. Heir to the noble House of Katsumi. He used to have a sister, but I cannot draw females.

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Ah, these are very interesting! You have creative talent, and it shows! You even forged your own Keyblade and Wayfinder! Very impressive! You've got potential, fellow Keyblade Wielder! Keep following your heart, and you'll get to do a great many things! These were all a treat to see!


May your heart be your guiding key!

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