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This is actually a great idea. It'll definitely give the game more life. Maybe even have NPCs speak as well. Like Moogles could be talking about their wares and deals and stuff like that.



(Sorry you're Celeste, but it's the only one I had available to upload xD)

Celeste is a fantastic character though

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That's actually common knowledge for a lot of RPGs and since the idea was somewhat implemented in 0.2, it has a good chance of happening in KH3.


Heres hoping of the party members (make it Roxas or Riku) pulls a 'Prompto' and breaks the 4th wall by making references to other video games, films and pop culture xD

Goofy has a high chance of being that kind character. ;P Edited by AngelTheWeirdStranger

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Banter and talking between your party would be awesome. I was talking to my friend about this the other day, as a matter of fact. I agree that it would flesh out the characters even more. Bantering and talking is definitely a feature from FFXV that I'd like incorporated into KH3.

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