Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Graphics Comparison - Premium Showcase vs Final Game

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So I was recently sifting through my videos uploads on Youtube and I came across an old video I did for the premium showcase demo, as that was one of our first in depth looks at the game. Anyway, what I noticed when viewing this video again was that something seemed really different to the final game; yes of course the character models, but in general everything looked a lot darker as well as maybe less detailed?


Well anyway, I decided to put together a video comparing the two clips side by side to see how much better the final version changed and how much was actually improved. (*Note, one small but interesting change I noticed was that when Aqua is talking about there not being any time in the realm of darkness, the dialogue happens out loud while in the final game she says it in her head.)


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I feel like there should be a lot of comments on this based on the fact that when the first playable demo came out, so many people complained and called it reprehensible that it looked so terrible in that stage, and "how can we trust it will get better?"  Well, it did, and it looks amazing.  The differences are like night and day.  Good find.

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