Kingdom Hearts: Raindrops & Embers

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DISCLAIMER: The events and worlds within this story are non-canon, as this is an imagined view of Kairi & Lea's Keyblade training. This is only a fan work.


The Story So Far: Kairi and Lea are undergoing the last leg of their training under the three fairies. All that's left for them to do is to put their skills to the test in another Realm of Sleep. Master Xehanort, however, plans to interfere once more, and dispatches a reawakened Vanitas and Saïx to the same realm.


World List: Radiant Garden, Ohana Paradise (Lilo & Stitch), The Secret World (Arrietty), Zootopia, Wonderland (2010 ver.), Sugar Rush (Wreck-it Ralph), Castle Oblivion


The fairy in green, Fauna cleared her throat and spoke up.

"The two of you have made great progress. I believe it's time to test your abilities."

Kairi tilted her head in confusion.

"We're this far already? I feel like things are going too quickly."

Lea laughed.

"The faster the better, Kairi! Alright, what's the test?"

Flora, the red fairy, paused for a moment... and then decided to speak.

"Your test will be in the Realm of Sleep."

"Realm of Sleep?" Kairi looked confused.

"Like Sora and Riku's mastery exam, right?" Lea raised an eyebrow. "This ought to be easy."

Merryweather quickly spoke up.

"This is a different realm of sleep: The worlds in which you will awaken have yet to exist. In this test, you must bring these worlds to their birth by locking their keyhole, which, in turn, will bring the world into existence."

"I'm still confused. When are we to start, and is there a bed in here? How do we initiate it?"

The three good fairies smiled, and sleeping pods much like the ones in Castle Oblivion appeared. They were styled differently; one was styled like a raindrop for Kairi, and the other, a flame for Lea.

"Enter the pod, and your test will begin."

Flora waved her wand, and the pods opened up to allow entry. The two new wielders stepped inside their respective pod, and fell into slumber.

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Kairi was the first to awaken. Rather than awakening in Traverse Town as how Sora and Riku did, she awoke in Radiant Garden with outfit similar to the attire she wore only a few years ago, and seemed to have aged a few years younger.

"New dress, huh? I'd say it's pretty comfy. Now, why was I here again...?"

Kairi thought for a moment... and remembered.

"The Keyhole... That's right..."

Kairi summoned her Keyblade, adorned with flowers and a keychain of a paopou fruit - Destiny's Embrace. She pointed it forward, hoping a beam of light would fire towards a keyhole.

"This is how Sora did it... but nothing's happening."

Kairi remembered something Mickey had said... and felt the Keyblade point east.

"May my heart be my guiding key. That's it!"

Kairi headed east towards the castle town.


Meanwhile... Lea awoke in the town center, the same spot where he had met a boy 10 years ago...

"That was long ago... Say, what happened to that kid? Roxas sure looked like him..."

Lea walked over to the fountain, and saw that his appearance changed much more drastically in his reflection upon the water. He had aged 10 years back, and he wore a stylish vest and shorts remnicent of his old years in Radiant Garden.

"I get more handsome every day, it looks like."

He laughed.

"Now, where was I?" He summoned his Keyblade, and twirled it around like he had done with his chakrams. Suddenly, denizens of the realm between appeared around him, and attacked.

"Nobodies. I can't catch a break from these guys, can't I?"

Lea rushed forward, imbuing his Keyblade in flame. It pierced through numerous Creepers, but Dusks snuck behind him and retaliated.

"Let's spice things up a little, then." Lea gritted his teeth, and slid to the side, evading attacks. He the cast a Fira spell, and then performed a Fire Windmill... and then got an idea. He then combined energy from the two attacks, and was then engulfed with a raging storm of flame.

"That's more like it!" Lea glided forward towards the nobodies, and they all burnt and burst into fragments.

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"Well done, Lea. You performed just as well as you had when you were part of us before."

A man in a black coat applauded Lea for his actions in combat, and took off his hood. It was a familiar face: Saïx, his former best friend, now also aged backwards due to the effect of the realm.

"Saïx? What are you doing here?"

"Simple, Lea. I'm here to help you as part of your mission."

The nostalgia of the times here with Isa got to Lea. The two were best friends back here, but in the organization, things changed. "Saïx, you remember the times we'd eat sea salt ice cream here, don't you?"

"Lea. That's not the point of why I'm here."

"Saïx! Don't you miss those days?"

A fragment of Isa ignited for a second in the Nobody's mind... but the darkness of Xehanort doused it out. "I do not."

Saïx opened a portal of darkness, and headed off.

"Saïx! Don't go!" Lea reached out, but it was too late. Lea held his breath to stop a tear... and headed further into the town to get some sea-salt ice cream to cheer himself up.


. . .


Sitting atop a scaffolding and taking a few bites of the treat, Lea took a deep breath and thought to himself.

"Sora and his buddies said something about people being turned into Xehanort... and Saïx isn't an exception. If there was a way I could extract that darkness from him and live the good old days again... No, that's wishful thinking."

Suddenly, a Twilight Thorn appeared in the town square - Lea got his Keyblade ready, and leapt off, ice cream still in his mouth.

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Lea aimed his Keyblade, and cast a Fira spell. The giant Nobody took the hit, and attempted to retaliate. Lea quickly dodged, and cast another Fira. The Nobody anticipated the attack, and knocked Lea into the air. Lea imbued his Keyblade in flame, and threw it like a chakram - it then pierced through the giant's head, and the Nobody erupted into a splash of nothing. Lea had finished his ice cream and the enemy in record time... and the stick the ice cream was once on began to glow. It was marked WINNER... something about this felt nostalgic. Roxas, that was it... Lea took the stick out of his mouth, and tossed it into the air.

"Never thought this'd be the keyhole..." Lea aimed his Keyblade, and a keyhole appeared in the popsicle stick's stead... and a beam of light shot out of the Keyblade and entered the keyhole. The world had been brought back to life. At that moment, a door to the next world had opened.

"Looks like my time's done here..." Lea nodded, and jumped into the Gate.




Lea found himself at the beach, and heard the sound of a ukulele rock guitar solo. There was a little blue creature playing the ukulele on a stage, clearly enjoying himself.

"Looks like that little guy's having fun. Wonder if I could join in on the show?" Lea walked over to a table for sign-ups... There was a sign reading: "OHANA FAIR! SHOW YOUR TALENT!"

Lea couldn't refuse this offer. Lea signed up to be a fire-dancer... Whatever it was, fire was his specialty.




Kairi arrived in the town square, and saw a horde of Heartless in bubbles grouped around the fountain.

"Heartless? This won't be a problem." Kairi got into a combat stance, and raised her Keyblade. A shower of lighting bolts struck the watery Heartless, which she began to recognize as Water Cores. Afterward, she rushed forward, embedding herself in light and draining the Water Cores of health. She quickly got an edge in combat, and the horde was quickly disposed of. Suddenly, a familiar face began to clap.

"Well done, Kairi! You did your best!" It was Sora... at least, at first.

"Sora...? I thought you were busy...?"

"Kairi, there's no way I'd miss out on you!"

"Aw, thanks..."

"Miss out destroying you and your light, that is." Sora's eyes began to glow yellow, and his brown hair faded to a jet black.

"Y-you're not Sora..."

"How observant. I guess I should reward you, 'Princess of Heart.' How about a battle against darkness itself?" The boy raised his Keyblade, glaring at Kairi.

"Who are you? Why do you look so much like Sora?"

"My name? You'd excpect me to carry a name tag around to differentiate myself... I'm Vanitas. And you, your 'highness', must be disposed of immediately. You're not worthy of your title."

"If a fight is what you want, I'll give you one!"

"Are you sure you can handle your knight in shining armor's power, Kairi?"

"SHUT UP! YOU'RE NOT SORA!" Kairi quickly rushed towards Vanitas.

Vanitas quickly dodged, melting into a pool of shadow and appearing right behind her.

"You fight like a girl, Kairi. You're not fit for the Keyblade."

"I thought I told you to SHUT UP!" Kairi held the Keyblade steady. This time, she wouldn't go down.

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Kairi aimed her Keyblade at Vanitas, and fired an orb of light. The orb was strong enough to knock Vanitas backwards...

"Not bad." Vanitas attacked in turn, firing a Dark Firaga from his Void Gear. Kairi concentrated energy, and created a barrier of light... and it rejuvenated her with energy. Kairi then aimed her Keyblade once more, and focused herself on target... and a volley of stars and bubbles shot out of her Keyblade. Vanitas managed to evade some of the attacks, but was not left unscathed.

"Beginner's luck. Alright, 'Princess', it's time to show you the strength of the dar-"

Kairi imbued her Keyblade with light, and lunged forward... She had landed a critical blow.

"Serves me right. Alright, you've won this time... but next round? I will rid myself of the light." Vanitas vanished through a portal of darkness, and there was a seashell where he had once stood... A thalassa shell, like her lucky charm. She picked it up... and it floated into the air, transforming into a keyhole. Kairi locked the world, enabling the world to have its rebirth. A Gate opened up for Kairi, and she headed through. Onto the next world.




Kairi wandered through the dank, dark passageway.

"I can't see much..." Kairi raised her Keyblade, and a light shone at the tip. There was the path ahead... a narrow path of metal rungs. Falling would be dangerous... all below was blackness. She took a deep breath, and leapt across the rungs. As she looked closer, she realized that the looked like giant metal nails, wedged into the wall...

"What an interesting world." She stood around, looking around at the corridor.

"Your father... He'll be angry when he hears what you've done out in the garden! Who knows if you could have been..." A voice spoke. Kairi looked in the direction she heard the voice, and saw a faint, light outline. Someone was there behind that door! Perhaps they could tell her where she was? Kairi headed over and knocked.


"Arrietty, that might be your father! Bring him in, please!" The door opened for Kairi, and she saw a girl, just around her age, with red hair and a plain outfit.

"Oh. Uh... hello." The girl spoke.

The voice that had spoken before belonged to the girl's mother, who was a thin, black haired woman in a yellow apron, with fairly bony nose. "Oh thank goodness there's more than just the three of us! Come on in, come on in..."

The girl walked Kairi inside, and smiled shyly.

"Sorry about my mom. She's a bit too excited to have a guest over. My name's Arrietty. What's yours?"

Kairi was a bit unnerved by this hospitality, but quickly got the courage to speak. "I'm Kairi."

"Well, Miss Kairi, did you run into trouble on the way here? Were you seen? What brings you here?" Arrietty's mother spoke.

"I ran into some trouble before I got here, but nothing too bad. Just taught a jerk a lesson, not much else. Mind telling me where I am, though?"

"You're in the residence of our family, the Clocks!"

"The... Clocks?"

"That's our family name. Back at another house, we used to live beside this amazing clock..." Arrrietty said as she looked off towards her room.

"That makes some sense..."

"Oh, uh, Kairi! Wanna see my room?"

"Sure. I've got nothing else to do..."

The two walked through the house's hallways... there was a tap with a giant drop of water, and the walls were aligned with pictures... wait... no. Upon closer inspection, they looked like stamps. Kairi smiled again... this world sure is interesting... Arrietty opened the door... and her room was filled with giant leaves and flower petals. It looked like a garden and a bedroom...

"More of a jungle than a bedroom, I'll say..." Kairi laughed a little.

"That's what my mom said!" The two lied down on the bed, and breathed in the fresh air of the leaves. It was refreshing... and the two closed their eyes for a short nap.


(Sorry for the lack of content... but this world ought to be familiar if you've seen some Studio Ghibli movies!)

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(I'm using mainly new unique worlds in this story. Some aren't necessarily Disney, but rather partners or subsidiaries, like Studio Ghibli and Touchstone.)


Kairi awoke, and heard Arrietty speaking in the next room.

"Come on, Papa! You're getting a bit old. I ought to come along and learn to do it too..."

"Alright. Don't go looking for trouble, then. Just follow my lead." A man with a stoic voice responded to her plea.

Kairi got up and walked into the room.

"Oh, you're awake." Arrietty's mother spoke. "Pod's about to go borrowing."

"Borrowing?" Kairi seemed confused.

"You don't know what borrowing is...? Well, I never..."

"Homily, please. She's probably new to this." Pod, Arrietty's father dismissed her comment. "Borrowing is... well, how do I put it... taking what we need from the beings and using it to survive."

"So, stealing?"

"No, it's not stealing! Borrowing is like an adventure! We take what the beings don't need or what they forget." Arrietty piped up. "Tonight's the first time I go borrowing!"

Kairi seemed to understand. "Can I come with you? I'll do what I can to help out."

"The more the merrier, they say." Homily added. Pod rolled his eyes, and smiled.

"You two... follow me." Pod gestured for Kairi and Arrietty to follow him, and the three headed through the corridor Kairi had explored just a few hours before. Just then, a pair of eyes glew from below the narrow rung area. A wave of Shadow Heartless arose - a Demon Tide. Kairi turned and summoned her Keyblade.

"Keep going! I'll keep the swarm busy, catch up to you after!" Kairi gestured for Arrietty and Pod to continue through the passageway. She raised her Keyblade, and fired a three light orbs toward the Demon Tide. The swarm flinched, giving Kairi a chance to climb up onto a platform held up by a pulley. Arrietty pulled the weight, and Kairi rose up on the platform, casting more Pearl spells with a few Blizzards in between. Then, as she rose close towards the scaffolding where Arrietty and Pod were, she took advantage of altitude, and combined her attacks... She fired a large bubble, which exploded on contact with the swarm. The bubble left a small rainbow as a residual of the attack... and the rainbow's light defeated the Demon Tide, plunging the swarm down to the depths below.

"What were those...?" Arrietty wondered.

"The Heartless. They're monsters that go after light and people's hearts." Kairi answered to the best of her knowledge.

"Papa, you're lucky we brought her along."


The three found an alcove... Pod headed in first, and glanced around.

"All clear." He whispered. Arrietty and Kairi rushed around... there were giant glasses everywhere, and colored wooden walls. This was a cubpboard, it seemed. Kairi began to feel small... This world is much more than what she thought it would be. Arrietty and Kairi came to an edge of a counter. This looked to be kitchen, albeit on a colossal scale. The room dimly lit by the moon outside; it was night.

"This world makes me feel so small... but at the same time... it's beautiful. Everything's different from here..." Kairi smiled.

"What was that, Kairi?" Arrietty looked to her friend, a bit confused on what she had said.

"Nothing. It's just everything's so big..."

"I know how you feel. But we've got to do as Papa says, alright? Down the rope."

Pod was already on the far ground, waving for the two to come down the grapple and rope he had brought down.

The two slid down, and Kairi looked around at the environment looming around her as Arrietty and Pod walked over to the island in the kitchen, where most of the things they needed were.

"We came for sugar cubes and tissue paper... Arrietty, mind watching your friend for me? Pull out the borrowing bag when I tell you when we're ready. I've got to scale up the leg to climb onto the top to grab the sugar cubes."

"Right." Arrietty took the borrowing bag... and just then, Heartless had appeared around the ground - some Hook Bats, Shadows, and Red Nocturnes.

"Don't worry! Focus on your job! I'll handle the Heartless!" Kairi turned to Arrietty, who nodded and understood.

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