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Unicornis Party Recruiting - Top 50/NAUX/English

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»» Unicornorts needs YOU!! ««

         …to leave your Union and be absorbed into Unicornis instead…



» We’re an active English Unicornis party in NAUX looking for a few new members - we also have an awesome Discord chat we hang out in! If you want Gold Crowns and have a passion for LUX collection, we want you! We’ve got a ton of LV99s up during Crown Weeks, we just need more people hittin’ them and absorbing that sweet LUX. We have not missed out on a single Gold Crown!!


» We are not an open party in-game because we do want any of our users to be strangers - we actively communicate with all our members via Discord. To join, you must have Discord and at least be willing to pay attention to it during Crown Weeks and other in-game Events. Also, we require our members to be 16+ in age, sorry! We keep a separate channel for 18+ conversations to keep our main chat very clean.


» The leader chooses our party medals and keeps an up to date list of all our medals so knows what is best for the party. Someone may have a slightly better version of your best medal, but you may have other great utility medals. She keeps us organized and well-prepared for anything that comes our way so we can act better as a cohesive party. Our needs change with every event, Raid Boss, and story update - you can always request to temporarily have someone's medal up if you need to borrow it! 


» Because our focus is on ranking during Crown Weeks please be available during at least two LUX Up Prime Times (these are, of course, 11am/pm &5am/pm EST  |or|  8am/pm & 2 am/pm PST). We have members in North America, the UK, and even Australia and many of us have very flexible sleep schedules so there are always bosses up at these times! We don't ask that you have to get your own bosses up to 99 - just hitting the ones already up is good enough, if that's your thing. We DO have minimum LUX requirements during Crown Weeks! It is approximately set to whatever she can get in one Prime Time on Tuesday (once the bosses are at LV99).


» NOVA requirements - you'll be readily accepted at 150+ Nova because we know you've put in a lot to get that and that should make you very helpful in terms of party medals. We'll accept users with as low as 100 Nova but it really depends on what you have - it doesn't hurt to ask.


» Message or send an ask on Tumblr to unicornorts or chiunion with your ID#, in-game username, and your Discord handle. (We’d prefer direct messages, as Tumblr can eat asks.) Please don't rely on contacting me through KH13, I'm not always active here!!!! Also, the party leader is my gf, so... better to go directly through her on Tumblr. Thanks for your interest!



To see our up-to-date requirements and inquire about joining, please go here:

If you’ve applied before, don’t be afraid to apply again! 




June 2017 Crown Week

Party Rank #33




These were our June 2017 Party Medals (as chosen by the leader)

-- sorry this doesn't list guilt bonus % or traits, it was for our party's reference to put them up:



And this was the top of our party on the night of the last day of Crown Week for June 2017:



Our Discord Server has channels to share art, videos, talk about popular games, and more!

(We'd strongly prefer our members to be 18+ but you must be at least 16 to join us - you just won't have access to the 18+ channels.)





Once more, visit http://unicornorts.tumblr.com/join to apply!

We'd strongly prefer you to be an active Tumblr user and use the built in messenger over there to contact us!


Or message me directly on KH13.

I will still check this thread at least once a month.

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would love to join but ...

i'm leader of my own guilt and im not that extreme on the lux part  x.x

but still gl On the team ill hope you will find't great ones  :3

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The bottom of our team is starting to slack off and we may be see some openings again soon! As of writing this, we haven't missed a single gold crown, so you know you're in good hands. We have Lux gathering minimums set for "Crown Weeks" because this is the focus of our party -- so be prepared to pull your weight during Prime Time.



100 nova

story 426

top 50k (C Rank)

any guilted tier 3 medal to share



200+ nova

up to date on story

top 5k for last week (A Rank)

guilted non-event tier 3+ to share


How long you've been playing, Solo Ranking, Coliseum Ranking, and if you have guilted Premiums are all factors if you feel you're lacking in some requirements. Just because you meet all the minimum requirements it does not mean you will be accepted. You should try to be meeting mostly the preferred standards! This isn't first come first serve, as we may get several people asking from several different sources (here, tumblr, friends-of-friends, etc) and us mods will take a few days to deliberate who are the best candidates for our team.


As an example of how exceptions work: In the past we accepted a 2-month old player who blasted through the story and threw all their money into the iKairi2 draw and ended up with not only her guilted, but also a guilted Premium with some sweet traits -- crazy luck, man, but their Nova was waaaaaay below the minimum. Even so, they're a useful asset to the party.


And once more, in case you weren't aware, you can change your Union in-game for 100 jewels! Because some Unions have more members than others, how much Lux you need to rank differs from Union to Union. You will find it easier to rank in Unicornis than in Vulpes with the same amount of effort put in, for example. 

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I would meet your requirements and would apply, I just dislike that the leader chooses the partner medals. My current party always shares what is currently needed and people can always ask to have specific medals shared...

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I submitted along time ago, but no reply. It's ok though, I mean its pretty hardcore of you guys. I'm mainly a casual player, but I casually play everyday. Lol. Goodluck guys!


- RemieGino14 - 

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