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Ventus, Terra and Aqua and all of the Birth By Sleep characters are from the future?

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Hello My Lovlies !

So i tried talking about this topic on facebook but no one actually was able to keep up a good conversation so i decided to come here

so i read this article that said :


"Terra is actually the desendant of Riku, Aqua is the descendant of Kairi and Ventus is the descendant of Sora or Roxas.




Well, some time in the far future, Master Xehanort tries to start another Keyblade war that was from possibly hundreds of years ago. Master Xehanort then finds out that Ventus, Terra and Aqua will one day defeat him but tries to kill them while undergoing training from their teacher, Eraques. Also after these gliders (a time machine hover board) are invented, MX finds out they go from world to world, time to time and comes up with a plan to bring the keyblade war to the past to kill the ancestors before the birth of the now three heroes.


Eraques tells the three to go to the past and save people from the unversed (a futuristic being) especially the seven princesses of heart.

They learn of their ancestors through Master Yen Sid. Terra then goes to find Riku, hencing why he sees his ancestors future self through vision slowing forming into Ansem. Kairi goes to save Kairi from the unversed and puts a protective spell on her, while Ventus seeks Sora to stay with his heart, so he actually can stay by to protect him."


Can anyone tell me if this is true or not !?

My heart cant handle these theories !


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Nomura has gone on record to say that Roxas looks like Ventus because his heart was resting inside Sora when he turned into a Heartless so the theory falls flat unfortunately. Plus, if they really were descendants, wouldn't there be a time paradox occurring?


Regardless, good on you for making a theory in the first place.

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