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Felicia Novita

Question about Sora Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayArts Kai

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Hi guys, In this thread, I just wanna ask, especially to anyone who purchase Sora Kingdom Hearts 3 Playarts Kai.


I wonder if anyone here have the same trouble just like me.


Well, I try to attach Sora Keyblade to the hand (look at the manual inside the box), but it's too tight, It's hard to attach it.

Since It's the first time I own Playarts Kai, I'm too scared to attach it, I'm worried if I can broke his hand.


I wonder if anyone here can attach it to the hand?

Update : Somehow I can attach, but I feel bad with the hand, since I use little force to attach the keyblade into the hand.


Thank you for the answers.


Ps :

dear mods, kindly move the thread to the right place in case I post it at wrong place.

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You're not the only one, I had a tough time attaching the keyblade to his hand. At times it felt I was gonna break the fingers but they still held on. I used a flat head screwdriver to pry the hand open enough to get it on. 

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