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5 Creepy Things from Kingdom Hearts (VIDEO)

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Wow... and here people thinks that Kingdom Hearts is a "kid game" because it has Disney in it. Boy are they in for a nasty surprise when they "read between the line" to see how dark this franchise really is. Heck, some of the movies (Such as Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan, Bambi, The Fox and The Hound, etc.) that Disney made are either dark or based on stories with a dark origin.

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Wow, this was a pretty badass video! Not to mention that I just loved how your voice complemented the tone of your video! It's like you were literally guiding us through a gauntlet of horror! And funnily enough, I kept staring at your profile pic, cuz I can see that character you have bearing your voice! xD


But yes, the Kingdom Hearts series has some pretty disturbing things when you think about it! It's so awesome! X_X

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