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What's your favorite moment with the Kingdom Hearts heroines?

What's your favorite moment with the Kingdom Hearts heroines?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite moment with the Kingdom Hearts heroines?

    • Kairi waking up Sora in (KH1)
    • Xion's end (358/2)
    • Aqua saves Riku (0.2)
    • Xion vs Axel (358/2)
    • Namine meets Roxas (KH2)
    • Kairi using the keyblade (KH2)
    • Aqua meets young Kairi (BBS)
    • Namine helping Kairi (KH2)
    • Kairi's Letter (KH2)
    • Aqua's tear when she hears "Sora" (BBS)
    • Kairi protecting Heartless Sora (KH1)
    • Another moment? Share below!

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This was a tough pick for me, for there's lots of memorable moments with the ladies of this franchise! But one that definitely ranks as my number one top favorite has to be with Aqua in 0.2!


"If anyone finds themselves in the Realm Of Darkness, I'll be here.  A light to cut through the long shadows. I'll be their Wayfinder!  And one day...I'll return to my friends. My name is Aqua, and that's a promise!"


That deliciously goosebump inducing monologue right there made me smile like a buffoon the first time I played through 0.2! Aqua was already an amazing character, and her development really shined in this moment! Gosh dang it, SHE'LL BE OUR WAYFINDER! :')


Very powerful words, Master Aqua! Powerful words indeed! :3

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Kairi using her Keyblade.


This was a tough decision... But she just has such character growth in KHII, and I'm always so proud of her for it. And her using her Keyblade for the first time is the culmination of that.


It starts with her finally deciding that waiting isn't good enough, and then actively going to search for Sora and Riku herself the moment the opportunity is presented to her (even escaping Axel to do so). Eventually she gets kidnapped by Axel, it's true, but she gets away from him! But when she's in an Organization jail cell because of Saïx, Naminé shows up and rescues her (who technically IS her) and tells Kairi to believe in herself:


This is the key thing that leads to the rest of Kairi's development in II, and has her acting stronger than we've ever seen her be before. After that line, she's ready to take on one of the Organization's finest barehanded, jumps off a balcony, gets her Keyblade and joins in the fight to try and help (and has an evolution of her "This time, I'll protect you" line from 1, that becomes: "This time, I'll fight"); and after that talks about how she's sick of waiting and won't stay behind anymore and wishes she could fight like Sora and Riku (so they won't be the only ones getting hurt). She even walks into the final battle alongside everyone!


Unfortunately, DDD sidesteps a lot of this. But I have hope for it being brought up again, and carried forward in KHIII.


But I just have to pick this moment for Kairi. Her arc in KHII is so good, imo. And Kairi's our original heroine. So before we got Aqua, Xion, or what have you, all of this was especially impressive back then. Kairi was the first girl in this series to even get a Keyblade, I mean. Back when they were actually still pretty rare, too.

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