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Attention all warriors in the universe

I have come with a message

I am requesting the strongest warriors

A tournament is being held

It will decide on who I will take

In order to help with my trouble

Help me brave warriors

For riches and glory awaits you

Imagine the role-play section as a multiverse. Each role-play being a different universe. Now imagine if a warrior from each universe heard the message, what kind of warriors would appear? Good? Evil? Who will win the tournament? Only the strongest will be able to join the cause. Will your character be one of them?



  1.  No god-molding. Your character is not a god. If your character loses, they lose but that doesn't mean the end.
  2. You can have any number of characters. It's actually encourage if you do. Just try not to get lost in their stories.
  3. Romance is permitted but keep it PG-13
  4. No taking control of characters unless you have direct permission. Meaning if you throw a attack, make sure you wait for a response.
  5. A main villain has not been decided yet. You can actually have one of the characters become the villain that the tournament proctor is trying to defend himself against.
  6. No killing off characters unless it's your own.
  7. No mass killing of NPCs. 
  8. You can use past role-play characters from different role-plays. Just put the role-play their from so we could get a little backstory on the character. Original characters created for this role-play is encouraged.
  9. Last rule, have lots of fun and I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going to!      

- Character list-

  • Name:
  • Weapon:
  • Magic(if any):
  • Appearance:
  • Bio:
  • What Role-play is the character from:
  • Special skills:

There you have it. Everyone is welcomed here as I hope to be able to get back into role-playing as I did back in the day. Once we have enough characters, I will be able to launch the role-play into action. I will post my character(s) so we can get familiar with each other characters. This will also serve as a discussion post for any questions about the role-play and ideas that will help develop the story to great heights. Do enjoy and let's get this tournament started.

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I am totally down for this if it's still open.

  • Name: Johnny Mercer
  • Weapon: Johnny carries a greatsword called Excalibur. Certain enchantments on the blade during the forging process allow the weapon to transform into a variety of other weapons. Due to its nature as a legendary weapon, it is made of an unbreakable metal.
  • Magic(if any): Johnny can cast limited magicks, most basic level spells. Johnny is better with healing magic than any other. Johnny also wears boots that allow him to access the Tempest, a powerful magick that increases one's innate capabilities, but excessive use can be deadly.
  • Appearance: Johnny is a twenty-four year-old with a height of 6'2". Brown hair, blue-green eyes. He wears a black t-shirt and black jeans. He also wears two gloves with cables built into the wrists for grappling and black combat boots with built-in technology allowing him to access the Tempest, enabling him to become more agile and move incredibly fast.
  • Bio:Once a member of the Knights of the Order opposing the tyrannical Union of Territories, Johnny was cast into the world below, where he met Jaina Nova, the love of his life. Together, the two fought the Union as they searched for his father, who assisted him in destroying the Union once and for all. 
  • What Role-play is the character from: Among others, main one is http://kh13.com/forum/topic/96526-dissidia-zero/
  • Special skills: Johnny can tap into other people's memories to copy techniques or to force them to remember something, potentially causing extreme mental anguish. Using the Tempest, Johnny can move at an accelerated rate.

Starting off with Johnny, may add more.

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Ooh! Ooh!! I like this!


Name: Lockehart Indegi (Locke)
Weapon: Red-handled spear with a rather large pointed blade, a black ribbon wrapped around for a "handle".
Magic(if any): Light; can conjure up blasts of brightness or use it for defensive purposes 


Bio: Locke was once the heir to a grand kingdom, but being an adventure-seeker, she refused a chance at her rightful crown and set out for her adventure. Her uncle took her under his wing and taught her everything she knows, building her up into a powerful sorceress and soldier. 
Role-play is the character from: none
Special skills: Teleportation, but its range is only a few feet and she can't use it more than once in rapid succession.

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sorry I'm late. Got busy with something. xD


Name: Xing Yao Long

Weapon: Hammer.

Magic(if any): as a sapiens, he has Magic. Xing had Fire, Electricity, Telekinesis, healing, superhuman strength and Dark powers which he got it from his father. His Mother however, is a witch. Making him a sorcerer. He also has light magic, thanks to his mother.

Appearance: Normal Form: 29bf2a0f81f83e73db7e93386813b342.jpg

Dark Form: e925ccb7265c5163716b6fa73d0d5bd0.jpg

Bio: a 16 years old boy of the academy. He's half human, Half sapiens. Xing's father used his human mother, Sabrina to give birth. Xing was planned to use as a weapons in order to restore the Sapiens race and find the ancient relics called the Artefacts. Things however, didn't work out too well. His Mother couldn't take it anymore and took him away from his father and left him at the academy for his safety. Years passed as he grows stronger with his friends. His father isn't the only enemy he have to defeat, Xing and his friends met ancient sapiens named Shazasa who was sealed away in many years until he breaks free from his prison and tries to take over the world once again.

What Role-play is the character from: School of Assassins

Special skills: Dark Form. When he removed His bangle, His hair turned sliver and his eyes turned red. Sometimes, he'll lose control but however, Xing managed to get it under control after his girlfriend helped him. He's also quite skilled with martial arts.


Hopefully this is Okay. :)

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Accepted~ Alright. He is mine.


  • Name: Ahtxson
  • Weapon: Blackwing( A dark keyblade) Twilight sword( A white sword with a black hilt that is able to use soul bearer powers)
  • Magic(if any): Has the power over Feather magic. Is able to use Dark and Light abilities. 
  • Appearance: 9d9cfd1f170ed98d3aee4a7bd6de4e27.jpgh
  • He is black hair with white highlights, blue eyes,and wears an organization coat over this outfit.
  • Bio: Ahtxson was a somebody before turning into a nobody. He was once a member of a group called the Soul Bearers before rebelling and losing his heart when his partner was killed during the uprising. He then went down a dark path that involved many battles with different Keyblade wielders. He once had immortality before losing it. He had a daughter who he cares for deeply. After a final battle with a god, Ahtxson went on a journey through different universe after learning about the mutliverse to spread the Keyblade in order for not to have another universal war to happen.
  • What Role-play is the character from: X Non Persona and many more.
  • Special skills: He is highly skilled with his magic and sword skills after living more then 1000 years. He is known to be good in hand to hand combat. He is also to be able to channel power in order to have high tolerance and be able to fight despite being badly wounded

This thread will also serve as the discussion post. Here we can discuss ideas and plans for our characters and future characters. I will post the next thread and start the roleplay. Lets have fun and get this started!~~

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