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The music that plays while you fight the Armored Ventus Nightmare in Dream Drop Distance is called "The Eye of Darkness". From various Nomura interviews, we know that the eye that we see on various Keyblades is called the "Eye of Darkness".


We have now found out that the Eye of Darkness is The Master of Masters eyeball that we put on No Name in order to somehow see the future.


So, why do you think the name of that music track is called "The Eye of Darkness"? What connection does the Eye of Darkness have with the Armored Ventus Nightmare/Ventus?


We recently found out that (SPOILER:) Ventus is a Dandelion, so that's some more evidence for there being a connection.


Could this connection between Ventus and the Eye of Darkness also be the reason for Vanitas' Keyblade having two Eyes of Darkness on it?


EDIT: I swear I have a distinct memory of reading an interview where Nomura calls it the "Eye of Darkness". I can't seem to find it though.

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There is one interesting thing to note about the eye of darkness, every Keyblade with the Eye of Darkness has a direct, or indirect connection with the Master of Masters. Master of Masters chose Ventus as a new Union member, and Vanitas is Ventus dark half. Master of Masters conjured up Luxu's Keyblade, which was eventually passed down to Xehanort.


We definitely know that the Eye of Darkness is how the Master of Masters is able to see events of the future happening in real time, so he must intentionally have dibs on Ventus for reasons beyond being a new Union member.

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Well, seeing as how Ventus will definitely tie into Unchained X's narrative, it's probably safe to assume that the Master Of Masters is watching him without Ventus even knowing it! Or maybe Ventus is following orders he directly got from the guy! In either case, it's definitely interesting that the music track is called The Eye Of Darkness! There may be more to this than meets the eye! There's a reason why Ventus had amnesia...maybe the Master Of Masters, or something that happens during the events of Union X, causes something that ensures that Vanitas ends up having the Void Gear, which has the eyes of darkness on it! :O

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