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Lady Aleister

Roleplay Voltron: Protectors of the Universe

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5x5 with Madam Ciel Nekohive, Stardustblade358, Aqua7KH, Sabre Lily, and LockyChan.




For as long as anyone can remember, the Galra empire has plagued the universe, destroying countless civilizations...and the only thing that can stop this empire...as a weapon stronger than any other. 


Voltron is composed of five separate lions who are each controlled by their own special paladins. 

The Galra empire is after Voltron, but they are unable to find the lions...as they are on a planet the Galra have not reached...






Will the lions ever be found?...or will the Galra empire be the one to find them first. 

It will take people willing to take a risk in order to reform Voltron...and take on the Galra empire. 



-Follow all kh13 rules 

-Please do not post something that is like three sentences. 

-We all have control of the plot, not just one person. Change it up!!

-Please try to stay up-to-date with this roleplay. 


Sign-Up Sheets:






Corresponding Lion: 


Abilities (if any): 



Extra Info: 

Theme (optional): 





My Sign-Up: 




Name: Victoria Leigh

Age: 19

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: tumblr_olxurynQ5H1upl7uxo1_500.png

Corresponding Lion: Red

Bayard Shape: Claymore

Abilities: As a human, she really has no true abilities, but Piloting the Red Lion, she has control over its abilities. The Red Lion has agility unlike any other lion and can shoot burning hot lasers from its mouth, that can cut through steel ships. The Lion can release lava mixed with fire and can create a claymore sword for Voltron.

Personality: Victoria is an interesting girl. She is blunt, to the point, relies on instinct, and is temperamental. Victoria can be an absolute pain, but she can also be friendly depending on the situation. She is not heartless but you don’t see a lot of her care most of the time. Victoria may have anger issues, and could definitely kick butt, but she can also help her friends out of a situation if she needs to.

Bio: {This is a very brief biography, as Victoria will develop more in the story}

Victoria is California born and has lived there most her life. She has grown up in poverty and she was known to get into fights as a younger teen. Victoria has heard nerdy kids discuss Voltron, but never really believed in the tall-tale, as she has seen no threat to the universe, and damned if the universe would choose her for anything.

Extra Info:

  • Queen of Sarcasm

  • Probably raised in the Hood

  • Has to censor herself

  • Probably has a lot of internal issues

  • Probably dropped out of school

Theme: (To be added) 




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Had a charpic I wanted to use. Realized Altean would be perfect.



Name: Altera

Age: Undetermined; presumably a few hundred years

Species: Altean

Gender: Male (constantly mistaken as female)



Corresponding Lion: Green

Bayard: Designated Marksman Rifle

Abilities (if any): As one of the last Alteans alive, Altera has been on the run for awhile. The Alteans' natural shapeshifting ability has proven invaluable in escaping Galra hands.

The Green Lion is excellent for the inquisitive and imaginative mind of Altera. The Green Lion can cause plant growth and use a shield, among other plant based uses. While a part of Voltron, the Green Lion creates a shield.

Personality: A bit shy and sometimes lacking confidence, especially due to his small size, Altera can tap into an enormous willpower that has proven to be unstoppable by the Galra chasing him.


Having been chased for hundreds of years by Galra agents has made Altera a naturalot at blending. His family was slaughtered when the Galra discovered him, leaving Altera to run from planet to planet, hiding and always moving. Throughout this he has done everything needed to survive, including crossdressing and multiple points.


Finding his way to Earth, thankfully after losing the Galra a long ways away, Altera crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, and has begun hiding out ever since, always on the move...hoping he might one day find the lost Lions and bring back Voltron.


For Altaea...and his lost people.

Extra Info:


Doesn't mind crossdressing.


Doesn't really mind being called a girl.


Straight trap.


Looks like a cinnamon bun, and is a cinnamon bun.

Theme (optional):

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Name: Callie Hudson 

Age: 20

Species: Human

Gender: Female




Corresponding Lion: Yellow

Bayard: Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon

Abilities (if any): Being human, Callie possesses no special abilities, aside from the ones granted to her while piloting her Lion. The Yellow Lion uses a tail laser and the laser in its mouth to destroy targets. The tail laser is much more reliable and focused, while the laser in its mouth is wider and has much more power. It generally takes down its targets by body-slamming or breaking off parts of the target.

Personality: Rather boyish and would rather take things head on, but she has a big heart and is always a good shoulder to cry on. She is normally loud and rambunctious. 

Biography: Callie was raised in New York for most of her life and managed to gain a reliable reputation while there. Her friends would refer to her as a tank-ish person, despite her soft heart. She had always lent an ear towards conversations of her galaxy and universe but never paid much attention to it past a small laugh. 

Extra Info: 

- Tends to annoy people without realizing it


- Her loud mouth has definitely gotten her into trouble quite a few times


- Probably gay


Theme (optional):


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Name: Midnah
Age: 240 (Looks 24)
Species: Oculigigas
Gender: Female

Imagine her armor colored black shhhh. Height wise she is around 6 feet tall standard.

Corresponding Lion: Black
Bayard Shape: Battle Axe

  • Size Shifting - Able to change size, however when she shifts she uses up energy and quintesense, and cannot force herself to shift too small or too big.
  • Night Vision

Personality: Midnah is a very patient and caring individual. Living among slaves to the Galra empire, she has learned the importance of teamwork the hard way. She has a strong hate towards the Galra, and has a very strong sense of justice for those who cannot defend themselves.
Bio: Midnah has never seen her home planet. She was born into a colony under Galra rule, where her species are sent across multiple work camps due to their shifting abilities. She has grown up as a slave to the Galra, hearing stories of Voltron from whispers among prisoners, simply fairy tales to tell to children to keep them from giving up any hope that they had left. She had been part of many rebellions in hopes of freedom, but she always ended up staying behind in order to give time for others to escape, including her own sister, who managed to escape Galra captivity and hide herself among the many places in the universe. Midnah has done many jobs; mined for minerals, led small rebellions, forced to build, and even fight in the arena as punishment, but her greatest job is yet to arrive; to help lead Voltron and take down the Galra empire. Rumors have spread, that the Galra have located one of the lions, on a planet known as Earth. Midnah has sought a chance, and will attempt to reach the lion before the Galra can, if she even survives the trip to Earth to begin with.
Extra Info:

  • If she becomes overwhelmed by emotions, she will unwillingly shift taller and bigger out of stress as a defense mechanism.
  • She tries to be soft spoken, but often finds herself speaking loudly, and has to be reminded that she's speaking too loud or she won't notice.
  • She doesn't sleep very well. Any sleep is usually plagued by nightmares.
  • Her sister hid on the planet known as Earth, and rumors say she has fallen for a human, and has had a child of her own...
  • Her species have very long lifespans. By the time they are 10 they have already lived 100 years.



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Ten years later....



Sorry it took me so long OTL


Sign-Up Sheets:

Name: Marlene “Marley” Emerson

Age: 14

Species: Half-Human/Half-Oculigigas

Gender: Female

Appearance: a4832ccd94f6057230586a7902c70de9.jpg

Corresponding Lion: Blue

Bayard: A Spear

Abilities (if any): Can swim pretty well.

Personality: A sweet young girl, Marlene Emerson loves the world around her and wishes everyone to be happy. Despite this however she is very shy and as a result she doesn't have many friends. She is also very smart and clever- an honor student. When she isn't in her studies, Marlene loves to play in the water. Chess is also her forte.

Biography: Born to loving parents, the only child was given a lot of attention. She was put in a private school and was put through piano lessons. Unknown to her, Marlene was hidden away from her biological mother at birth in order to protect her from the world. Humans didn't exactly know aliens existed, so it was best Marlene didn't know she was half alien. As a result her father had her believe she had a different mother, while her true mother silently watches over her daughter from the shadows. The only thing she has of her mother is her necklace. Marlene was also given a letter by her father to give to a woman named Midnah.

Extra Info:

Despite being mostly human, Marlene does have some Oculigigas features;

-She grows faster than a normal child, which causes her to grow out of clothes fast.

-This also caused a few malnutrition scares for her. She lacks in a lot of vitamins.

-She can barely see out of her right eye.

-Despite growing quickly, it doesn't seem that Marlene is going to hit puberty anytime soon.

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~ Before we start {Please Read} 




I am sharing this with you. Star and I were discussing the roleplay a little: 


For the Voltron rp, seeing everyone is living on earth, how about we have all of them have been brought together for something and while they're trying to get to know each other, a giant space pod with my character crashes near them and then cue the "we need to find the blue lion first"








The National Space Fair was a fair that only occured in the hot, sweltering summer of Texas. Everyone from all backgrounds come to enjoy this fair and this year, there was supposed to be an annoucement about the exploration of new planets. Many, many people would come but....Victoria Leigh, did not want to....at all. 

"Why am I even going to this?" she asked her parents another time as she looked into the not-so-very interesting landscape of New Mexico.

She had been dragged from her summer vacation just to come to this...and this is one of the little times she is off from college. 

"Because it is a learning experience Honey! You do that science stuff in college why don't you go to stuff like this?" Her mother didn't look at her through her sunglasses, Victoria letting out a heaved sigh. 

"I'm doing biology...that has nothing to do with Space." she muttered. 

Her little sisters were being loud in the back of the car and Victoria just put her earbuds in, the loud, rock music being heard from outside her crappy earbuds. 

"We are about to pass Santa Fe, lighten up." her father said aloud, it was a phrase unheard by Victoria. 

It would take them another 12 hours to get to Houston...they stopped at a motel in Northern Texas, and would have to be in Huston tomorrow. 


It was about two AM when Victoira couldn't stand it anymore. She got stuck on the couch bed...her dad snoring and her little sisters would have kicked her off the bed. She stood up slowly, almost running into the suitcases strowed about the place. Stretching, she looked out to the window, the stars in beautiful view. Quietly, she opened the door, making sure to keep it cracked so she didn't get locked in. 

Victoria walked to the railing of the second floor of the motel there were at, looking out at the starts that lit up the sky. 

"I just wish this trip is actually worth it..." she yawned, staying outside for a while before heading back inside to try to get more rest.



They day was finally upon everyone, The National Space Fair had opened, and Victoira and her family just had gotten their tickets, entering the gigantic center almost exctited as ever...but Victoira, of course, was the least, she would just follow her family the entire day and be done with it. This was just a wasted trip.

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Altera was interested in human culture, and his first stop - The Space Fair!

Easily blending in with the "Keep Austin Weird" crowds of the Texas Capital, he left the quietness of Lakeway and headed to Houston. Always carded, he was going under the name Artorias Black, which got him plenty of stares. But it sounded cool, and the Galra thought they were so clever. Plus there were names like Chester A. Arthur, A.J Chegwidden, Kevin Bacon. He doubted anyone would care in the end. Having parked his little Toyota Celica in a more hidden spot and walking through the parking lot, he kept hold of his bag...and kept having guys hit on him! Why! He had Jean shorts, a T-shirt with some anime girl on it with a giant scissor, and a hoodie! How did he look like a girl!


He wasn't even wearing a skirt!


Managing to escape and getting a ticket, he disappeared inside. Maybe there would be a human answer to his plight. Or a way to find an answer. Breathing, he hugged the blue hoodie answer round him answer roundness kept looking around, wondering what he'd find.

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Callie pulled into the parking lot of the fair with uncontrolled excitement and happiness, tapping on the steering wheel as she found a parking spot and climbing out of the car with a backpack over her shoulders and a huge smile on her face. The trip from New York to Texas was exhausting, and she'd rather forget the dirty motels at three in the morning and the fact that she nearly got lost in Tennessee.


She had planned going to this fair weeks in advance, planning her route and stops very thoroughly, despite having a reputation for just diving head first into things. She had to admit, though: Texas was much, much different than New York. Hot, humid, and too many bikers for her liking. She felt like she was going to melt the moment she stepped out of her air-conditioned car. She wondered how anybody could handle this temperature without dying of heat stroke or bathing in ice.


Keeping her complaints and not paying much attention to the differences around her anymore, she hurriedly made her way to get her ticket, bumping into people occasionally when she did get said ticket and went inside, the amount of people astounding her and she set out to look for anything quite interesting to her.

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A young girl walked about the fair, small galactic cotton candy in one hand and her father's hand in the other. She looked up to her guardian, frowning as they went deeper into the crowds.

"Daddy...?" The girl, Marliene asked. "Shouldn't we get back to the class... my teacher will be worried."

The father smiled as he looked down at his daughter and reached over ruffle her hair. Marlene only reached up with a small whimper, frowning as she felt her hair grow messy. "Daddy..."

"Relax Marley!" The father said with a bright smile, holding her close. "So what's if this is a school trip? I may be a chaperone but I'm still your father. I love this type of stuff and I want to have some father daughter fun time. We'll meet up with your friends at the hotel."

Marlene couldn't help but smile softly as she wrapped her arms around her father's waist. Sure field trips were fun, but she loved spending time with her father more than anything else. She herself wasn't as interested in space as her dad was, but she loved seeing what made her dad happy.

"This is like uh.... Star Wars right?" Marlene asked. She rubbed her head with a chuckle.

The father grinned and patted her back. "Atta girl. You're my Princess Leia and I'm you're evil Darth Vader daddy!" He proudly flashed his Star Wars tee before reaching down to eat a bit of the cosmic cotton candy.

"Like the galaxy candy sweetheart?"

Marlene only smiled brightly as she took a bite. "Y-Yup!"

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