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Hello KH13 Community,


I really wonder if we will have an official OST at least for "KHux" (Union [Cross]... or not


I know that most of the music ingame is recycled from KH saga and that only a few have been composed by Yoko for this one.. But have you heard the entire soundtrack some tracks have really cool variations. It's so sad to only have youtube lossy compression rips..


I've put a link, if you are interested



Apprehension is my favourite one.. with Case of Foretellers.


I really hope it would do it..




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Well Reconnect, all I can say is that I really hope Union X gives us a new musical score to enjoy the game with, ya know? Don't get me wrong, all of Yoko's wonderful compositions in Unchained X are badass, but like you've said, we've all heard these themes before in other games of the series! The only new ones are the ones in Back Cover that play at specific cutscenes, the Dearly Beloved renditions, and the Daybreak Town world and battle themes!


I'm sure that with Union X, there'll be a few new compositions heading our way! I really hope so! :3

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