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How I slowly became a KH fan

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In 2007 it was my b-day. I had just gotten a PS2 as muly first ever console for Christmas. One of my friends got me KH2 as a preasent. I had never heard of Kingdom hearts before. When I saw Disney on the cover I was like "Yay, I love Disney!" I did't even see the 2 in the title so I just assumed it said Kingdom Hearts. Then I played it for about 2 hours, I only made it to Roxas's 2nd day. I couldn't understand the story at all. I then concluded that this would be another lame product by Disney similar to Disney channel shows intended to make money by marketing to teens.


So I didn't play the game for months. I eventually saw the side of the case that it was Kh2. Later when I was watching a YouTube video of another game, I saw a related video of the kh2 final mix fight with Marluxia. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.


So I thought OK if I get through the intro I'll get to the good part. So in late 2007 I started playing KH2 again. At first I was like uh this intro is taking forever but as the days progressefld it began to get very interesting. By the time I got to play as Sora I was like wait what happened to Roxas. Great now I'm more interested in the main story than traveling to Disney worlds.


So it took me about 3 months to complete the game. 75% of the time I skipped cut scenes. When I was finished I felt like I didn't understand the story. So I played it again this time watching all cut scenes. But I still didn't completely understand. So I plagued it 5 more times before I understood that game's story. Then I knew that in order to understand the rest I would have to play the other Games in the series. Luckily for me back then there were only 2 other games and they both took place before this one.


And from then on to today I was a hardcore diehard Kingdom Hearts fan.

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thats what the 1,5+2,5  bundle is for they know exactly what they are doing

It's too bad that it's exclusively for PS4. Xbox players are going to get so lost in the story lol.

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