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How do you celebrate Easter?

How do you celebrate Easter?  

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  1. 1. How do you celebrate Easter?

    • Lamb dinner
    • Easter egg hunt
    • Painting eggs
    • Eggs-change easter eggs
    • Share candy
    • Visit church
    • Hanging out with friends
    • All of the above
    • I don't celebrate it
    • Something else? Share below!

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As an adult, I guess dinner if my mom calls me up and wanted me to have Easter dinner with her and the girls. She might would give me candy if there's any.


As a kid, even pre-teen, It's been Easter Baskets/ filed with candy, and things like toys (as a kid), a hair scrunches, Easter socks, anything I can think of.


Dad on the other hand, he would say it's a Pagan holiday (referring to the Easter Bunny) and tells me and my brother the true meaning of Easter.

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I don't celebrate it (might eat chocolate, and I think we had lamb once or twice when I was younger? Plus sometimes we have had a fancier dinner). It's never been a big deal for me, since my family (me included) is not religious.

As a kid I used to look forward to the sunday before easter, though, since where I live that's when kids dress up as witches and go around the neighborhood asking for candy (kinda like halloween)... but I obviously don't do that anymore. xD

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