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Which Forteller has the best looking Keyblade?  

82 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Forteller has the best looking Keyblade?

    • Ava's Keyblade
    • Gula's Keyblade
    • Ira's Keyblade
    • Aced's Keyblade
    • Invi's Keyblade
    • Luxu's No Name

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I honestly like the Unicornis Keyblade (Can't remember, was that one Gula, or...?). It's like a Holy Keyblade or a Light-based Keyblade, and I dig that. ;)



Buuuut, if I had his keyblade, I would probably want that Unicornis logo taken off. Copyright issues, you know how it is. xP



Rock on!

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Couldn't include a picture in the poll topic? =P.


I think Ira's is probably my favorite just because it looks like a traditional Keyblade that we might acquire in the games. The others are kinda... overly stylized, to the point of not even looking like Keyblades, y'know? I like to think that we'll get all of these in KH3, eventually, so some of them will seem out of place.

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