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So one I've been wanting to do for awhile...



Perhaps through means unknown... Perhaps through some means who really knows the events of the past remain in place history can not be wiped away... Yet the past seems to be that the past every day it gets harder and harder to recall the faithful day... Perhaps because of the 'demon' that changed things...

Perhaps because there even seems to be a gap there as well as if time had gone by and something huge happened and yet... The memories slowly begin to show up again like large headaches... As if history was about to repeat itself that faithful day that I decided to become what I am now.


This world feels false, this entire thing feels fake yet so livid at the same time almost like a dream but a dream that continues on and on... Maybe it's just me rambling to myself everything could be considered back to normal... With the few exceptions of course... That loudmouth never went to the same school as us before... And 'She' was a transfer student...


This time around I'm the transfer student... And thinking about it right now everything seems the familiar school, the fact I have my magical girl powers....


Am I?


In the past?



Well with that covered that should give you a basic of what's going on this RP is take on Madoka Magica using it's canon characters however the person repeating time all over again is different and who I am playing as just to make it clear that is COUGH 'Sayaka' COUGH.


Things are slightly different while all the characters are practically the same it's Homura and Madoka who aren't the magical girls this time around along with the fact Kyouko is showing up in their school as well.


No real character is different from what they are like in canon (Exception being Sayaka who's memory about what happened before is a jumbled mess but she can make some of it out still at least the important stuff.)


How did this happen? Why did it happen? Stuff to be revealed as the RP goes on... This won't be a direct to direct telling of the series again as things obviously will change though Walpurgis is still essentially where it all leads to whether that be where it ends off or not I'm still deciding on.


NOTE: The other characters are unaware of anything Mami is a magical girl and so is Kyouko their entire past and all still happened just Kyouko stuck around to act as someone invading Mami's territory. Homura and Madoka are pretty much normal until Kyubey comes along.

NOTE 2: Sayaka is the only one who has some memories which are a jumbled mess of anything pre this backwards in time... This can of course change over the course of the RP.


NOTE 3: Homura and Madoka don't got there sorta God/Devil like powers.


And since this is Madoka Magica expect a feels trip... Now for the Rules and Sign-ups


No Godmodding, Metagaming the usual bad stuff.

Keep it PG-13

No OC's (This is more of a 5 person RP and thus I'll be only accepting sheets of Kyouko, Mami, Madoka, and Homura.)
Death may happen. (While I personally would prefer not getting rekt early on death is still very possible but only if you do something really stupid.)
Romance and that Jazz (Totally allowed don't mind who it is between but going above keep it PG-13 this is still a mix bag of slice of life RP and usual depressing madoka magica themes and fighting.)

Crossovers? (Er.... Give me a good idea and I'll think about it even if it's a great idea I still may say no as stated above and all want to kepe it canons to the series only.)

No Nagisa (...Obvious reasons she is currently a witch.)
No Manga characters. (I like em but I'll save them for a more wide scale rp.)
Rebellion Spoilers are free reign (Been out for a few years your own fault if you haven't seen it and note this is post-rebellion.)


Sign up Sheet: Pretty basic don't need the whole OC thing (I'll throw mine in soon enogh.)






Appearance: (-Insert Image here-)



Magical Girl Power: 














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