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I literally just finished watching this amazing movie and I can say a few notable things, I will not watch this movie for a while not because it's bad, but because it kicked me in the heart real hard.


I've never read the manga, but I read the plot and that's what got me interested last year, but since there were no subs out yet I waited until a right sub did it (HorribleSubs)


Plot talked about a boy who bullied a deaf girl back in elementary and he eventually lost all his friends (Nearly everything) After losing everything, he's at that point in life where he just wants to give up (All this is literally 5 minutes of the movie)


I'm going to stop right there because I feel like that's enough to get you guys interested in watching it.


The reason why I'm not going to watch it for a while is because it hit home real hard. Everything Ishida went through, (The Male Main Character) I can relate to in some extent. Life is hard and sometimes suicide comes to mind, be it financially, emotionally, physically. I don't care how much this movie didn't follow the manga (as much as I kinda wished I did read it) the message it gave out was so strong, I'm not going to lie. For a 28 year old to cry inside so much is not normal.


Movie came out last year, it just got released subbed by HorribleSubs. Give it a shot. I'll be in the corner of my room crying for six hours.


- RemieGino14 - 

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