Favorite Goofy moment?

Favorite Goofy Moment?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Goofy Moment?

    • Goofy being a turtle in Atlantica AND Pride Rock (KH2)
    • His genius "Window"-plan to stop the Beagle Boys (DDD)
    • Goofy falling on Ansem's Guardian (DDD)
    • Goofy knowing Mulan's gender (KH2)
    • Goofy's "death" (KH2)
    • Being a reindeer in Christmas Town (KH2)
    • Goofy's clumsy landing in Wonderland (KH1)
    • Return of the Goof (KH2)
    • Goofy's first appearance, napping in Disney Castle's courtyard (KH1)
    • "And for today’s weather: expect showers." in Monstro (KH1)
    • Something else? Comment below!

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Probably any of his smart moments because in Disney shows and movies he's shown as a relatively dumb character

And just saying, but he was a tortoise in Pride Lands xD

same. Like how he thought that he & donald should've followed pluto at the beginning of kh1, or when he realized that "fake ansem" must've also had a nobody somewhere & it turned out to be xemnas. I love how they made goofy low key a genius

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I think one of my favorite moments with Goofy would have to be when he fell on the Guardian. It actually impressed me, cuz both he and Donald are overpowered as heck! After my grueling attempts to beat the Guardian, these two steal the show! Makes me envious of their one hit kill! xD


I wouldn't call his death scene in KHII as a favorite Goofy moment. I'd more consider it a favorite grim moment in the series, since we actually got to think for a moment that Goofy had actually been killed off!

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I gotta say Goofy's 'Death' moment is a favourite of mine. I LOVE Goofy as a character and always have done, and this moment always hits me in the feels. Although I gotta admit, I love the irony of how Goofy seems to be the voice of reason and the 'intelligent' one in the series!

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