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My Hero Academia: Before One For All.

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A Prequel Role-Play to the newest fan favourite series provided by Weekly Shonen Jump also responsible for works such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach for examples.


My Hero Academia: Before One For All is the idea of a Prequel set before the current events of both the original My Hero Academia and Vigilante-My Hero Academia: Illegals.


The story focuses on a young teenager about to enter his freshman year at high school named "Ace Fire" whose Quirk is as obviously guessed based all around and on the element of fire itself, however, having trouble controlling and mastering his Quirk, Ace is shipped off to U.A. High School instead, where he meets a bunch of other people having difficulty mastering their Quirks and thus are all placed into the "Specials" classroom, where here, they must deal with the very high envisioned teacher named "Yogo Tozoeyama", a master over a Quirk that manipulates all masses of inorganic matter and can be transformed to be manipulated into other shapes and forms, "Tozoe-Sensei" as most of the Specials class affectionately refer to him as are all inspired by him and hope to learn from him how to in time learn how to become professional class heroes just like him, as he is known in society by his hero name: "Inorganic Heart-Feeler", however, Ace, due to his fiery personality has trouble getting along with his new teacher, thus beginning a both painful yet hopeful relationship between the two, as we now see who the heroes before Izuku Midoriya and All Might were and what had become of them before the main storyline begins.


"The Shadow Student Arc"


As Ace and Tozoeyama had begun their bickering on the 1st day Ace had started at U.A. High School in their Specials class, it is here that Ace meets his peers, in particular, the cheerful yet cautious well endowed 2nd seat student named "Kaguya Kamari" whose Quirk allows her to generate and manipulate sunlight that is strengthened when basked under the light of the moon and the mysterious and obnoxious 9th seat student named "Oobo Tanazuka" whose Quirk allows him to summon a spiritual essence from within himself to serve as a doppelgänger to fight alongside him that the other classmates have affectionately dubbed as "Genie Oobo".


After Ace and Tozoe-Sensei cool the fighting between themselves, Oobo picks a fight with Ace, the 14th seated member of the Specials classroom, wanting to see what his fire Quirk was really like, Ace, falling hook, line and sinker for Oobo's trap, accepts his challenge and so, having officially acknowledged the challenge, Tozoeyama takes all of the Specials class members onto the U.A. sports field to see the fight begin whilst he personally oversees it, wanting to see just what Ace is truly made of with his Quirk.


Shadow Student Arc-Opening-https://youtu.be/ihYNDF4e3zQ


Shadow Student Arc-Ending-https://youtu.be/XHakl2bMQYI


Character Sheet:








Specials Classroom Seat: Pick a number from 1 up to 20 (Hero students only.).






Sub Weapon:


Theme Song:


Japanese Voice Actor:


English Voice Actor:








Normal Appearance:


Hero/Villain Costume:




Weapon, Sub Weapon, Theme Song and/or Voice Actors don't need to be filled in unless if a person wants to fill them in.




No swearing above age 15.


No romance above age 12.


No godmodding.


Please inform me if you wish to make a drastic or RP changing move that could affect everyone's Characters and everything else.


Please stay true to the original My Hero Academia storyline seen in the Manga/Anime.


Please request beforehand if you wish to be a professional hero, a teacher and/or a villain if you don't want to be a hero student in the Specials classroom.


Please put down "Hero in Training" at the end of your Character Sheets to show that you have read the Rules.


Have fun :].

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Character Sheet:


Name: Showdo Roguro.


Age: 55.


Quirk: Unknown for story reasons.


Specials Classroom Seat: None.


History: Unknown for story reasons.


Weapon: A scythe.


Sub Weapon: None.


Theme Song: https://youtu.be/KukSVxgsQkg


Japanese Voice Actor: Shinichiro Miki


English Voice Actor: Keith Silverstein


Height: Unknown.


Weight: Unknown.


Equipment: Unknown.


Normal Appearance: Resembles a ordinary businessman in clothing industry.


Hero/Villain Costume: Resembles Iron Man but in black and white colouring.


Alignment: Pure Evil.


Hero in Training.

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