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The poets pen, a poem by Vulpix

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Hey everyone, its the lovable fire type fox here. And after a recent writers block, and a dozen hours of boredom with my current story. I decided to dabble in poetry. And I fell in love with it. No offense to anyone that's been reading my story, but I just found poetry to be more fun.


So anyways, this poem is about a writer who has a pen. Well, I'll save the rest of the details for the poem. Find it in the spoiler below.




I write with a pen.

With this pen, I can do things.

Things not imaginable to the human eye.

Things that even I question.


With this pen, I can make castles crumble

I can make hearts breaks, or I can reform them.

I can make new countries and destroy them.


I can make the heart beat as I want it to beat

I can make the brain think as I want it to think

I can make the body feel as I want it to feel.


Most people would say I'm a witch

Most people would say I'm a prophet, but I'm not any of these


I'm not a god

I'm not a witch

I'm not any powerful being


The only power I possess is a pen

A pen that writes words, whether they be of joy, anger, or sorrow.

Let this be the arc that sustains me.




Yes, I got the last line from Birth By Sleep, sue me. I want to thank everyone for coming around, and if you are interested, well I might continue on.

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Strong and powerful words, Vulpix! Strong and powerful words! It's awesome that your'e dabbling in poetry! Anything that inspires your soul is a welcome thing indeed!


That last line though, props to you for that beautiful quote! :')

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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