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What do you think is the best medium for a Kingdom Hearts adaptation?

What do you think is the best medium for a Kingdom Hearts adaptation?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best medium for a Kingdom Hearts adaptation?

    • Graphic novel (comic, manga etc)
    • Movie (animated, live-action etc)
    • TV-show (animated, live-action etc)
    • Theatre production (play, musical etc)
    • Books (Novels etc)
    • It can't be properly adapted.
    • Something else? Share below!

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Well, there's already manga and light novel adaptions of the Kingdom Hearts games, so I think that another great medium to add to Kingdom Hearts would be an anime, or a cartoon/anime hybrid like Seth Kearsley wanted to make!


Kingdom Hearts thrives on world building and character development, and what better medium to flesh this off than on anime? Anime thrive on character development and world building as well, so if there's a Kingdom Hearts anime, not only do Disney and Square earn extra cash, they also bide time while work on the next big KH game goes underway, ya know? It's a win-win situation, honestly!

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TV anime. Story is long enough to be over 52 episodes without anything significant being cut. Well, Rob hopes for a competent anime studio and director to do it justice.

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i've been rereading the manga recently now that i finally bought them all and i'd say the manga does a good enough job of adapting them. so far i've only read the KH and CoM manga and both do a good job of just condensing the story for anyone who might just want a refresher on the series.


I've started the Days manga and I'm curious to see if I'll enjoy the story more in manga form over the original video game. The story has potential to be entertaining but maybe the way it was originally presented bogged it down. all those random missions with not a lot to do might have got in the way, so we'll see. 

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I've actually given this some thought!


I was thinking, with some modifications to story and art style, KH1, CoM, KH2 would work best as feature films.

KH1, if they focused on the actual story of Sora Riku and Kairi and their relationship, it would be a great and epic film with a sweet climax showdown.

CoM would make a nice inception style sequel that builds off of Naminé and her connection to Sora.

KH2 would make a great typical Sequel film, bigger and grander and even more epic. 


Days and BbS and Chi would make amazing TV shows that tie in and bridge the time until the next film in theaters.

Days could have two seasons maybe that build on the character development tying in with a set-up and the parallels to CoM, and the rest of the year with an epic finale. They would have to modify the story to actually make sense of some of the loose ends, though.

Birth by Sleep would make a great three season show with a focus on Terra in the first season, Ven in the second and Aqua in the final season. I think it would work best if they told the whole story in one linear drama but the character focus shifts so we can follow the story but also experience the development between the characters while also getting their personal motivations.

Chi could make an epic 4 season show. The first season should focus on a new character based on the player and their experiences as a new keyblade wielder. Then, season 2 would be Unchained Chi that introduces Ephemer and Skuld and the concept of the dandelions and leads up to the Keyblade war conflict. Back cover would make a great third season that focuses on the Foretellers. We get their stories and experience the actual climax of the war. The final season is Union X that follows Ephemer and Skuld into the new world and introduces Ven and the other leaders and follows them up to the connection with KH3.


Finally, Coded and 0.2 would work as a short films as bonus features on a DVD release of one of the films.

Coded could use some goofy art style varieties and give Sora some different look in order to avoid rehashing the same thing over and over. They could use some comical elements to make it more unique. I think the whole thing could be told in 20 minutes or less as it doesn't really need a very complex dramatic structure.

0.2 could be somewhat of a one hour special episode / TV movie or a coda to the BbS TV show that gradually connects the Chi era with post-KH2 era.


DDD would make good straight to video release or Netflix/Digital movie because the story does not have enough substance to hold the weight of the drama.

DDD's story is nothing of substance other than leading up to KH3. It merely ties together some things and names Riku master. With some rewriting and streamlining it could make a decent one hour special that confirms Riku as master and leads up to KH3.


Finally, KH3 could be an epic final movie that ties together all previous story lines and ends the series with a huge cinematic finale, resolving all the open questions.


All of those should use consistent 3D animation style across all films and shows. I would favor a Disney hand drawn animation style but production-wise this is not feasible to do consistently.

If they found a very light painting-style that imitates 2D but unites all characters in a consistent style, almost kind of like a mixture of general Disney Animation 3D and the Kingdom Hearts shader used in 0.2 and the paper man style, they could produce an amazing series. 

With some grounded promotion they could create a whole cinematic universe, have tie-ins at Disney parks and end with an ultimate edition Blu-Ray release that contains all the releases and bonus features.



One can still dream, right?

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