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"D.E.M.O.N"...An Etherious that Zeref had created that he deemed was too dangerous, even more so then Natsu and so, the Black Mage sealed and hid D.E.M.O.N away, however, due to the death of the Dark Wizard, D.E.M.O.N has revived in the form of a jet black coloured octopus like monster with a burning crimson coloured single eye and is intent on doing one thing, just one, simple, thing...absorb all kinds of magic within the world and in the process, kill the people with the magic living inside them.


D.E.M.O.N has no conciousness or will, other then that it is the last remnant of Zeref's cult and thus, is worshipped like the 2nd coming of Zeref himself, Zeref communicates with Mage Guilds all over the world from the afterlife in spirit alongside his beloved Mavis and together, they ask the members of these Guilds both old and new to combat D.E.M.O.N before it can kill all life in Fiore as they know it and in the process, also destroy the last remaining members of Zeref's cult now banded together in the form of an organization calling itself "Ezodus", trying to protect D.E.M.O.N and offer the lesser members of the organization and human sacrifices as sustenance for D.E.M.O.N to feed on and gain even more Magic Power that could and can rival that of the Black Dragon Acnologia, maybe even go beyond his level.


The old members of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Gajeel Redfox and Laxus Dreyar, alongside their Guild Master Makarov have all both strangely and mysteriously vanished, leaving Wendy Marvell alongside Happy, Carla and Pantherlily to become the new Guild Masters of Fairy Tail and live up to the challenge, as the newest members of Fairy Tail now joining in these desperate times expect great things from her, now that she has become a more or less fully fledged Dragon Slayer.


Meanwhile working together is the unlikely group of Gildarts Clive, his daughter Cana Alberona, Jellal Fernandes and his Guild Crime Sorciere and lastly the Thunder God Tribe led by Freed Justine, as they form a small army alongside other notable Mages in Fiore called the "Vermilion Forces" and all together, they take down Dark Mage Guilds and freelancing Dark Wizards whilst all the while preparing themselves and all of the Guilds in Fiore to take down both D.E.M.O.N and Ezodus before its too late with Gildarts planning on training Wendy so that Fairy Tail will lead the war against the numbers of Ezodus joined by all the other Guilds being both at Fairy Tail's side and right behind them, as Gildarts prepares to show Wendy what it truly means to step up to the plate and how to be a true leader in times of trying circumstances such as the one they are now in against D.E.M.O.N.


Lastly, a young teenage Mage boy around the age of 13 bearing the last Name Dragneel has appeared and says that his name is "Matsu Dragneel", nephew of Natsu Dragneel himself, however, everyone is skeptical about this young man being Natsu's nephew as Natsu and Lucy aren't even married yet even though they are now a couple and they are still too young to even have such things like nephews and/or nieces, especially since it's impossible in both Natsu and Lucy's cases as the two are more or less single children, however, Matsu still wants to prove that he is Natsu's nephew and help join the Fairy Tail Guild so that in turn he can help the Vermilion Forces take on both Ezodus and especially D.E.M.O.N that he both somehow has knowledge of and can even wield Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, though for some odd and peculiar reason, it is coloured green and now, join us, as the story of the battle against the D.E.M.O.N, begins!






No Godmodding.


No Swearing above age 15.


No Romance above age 12.


Please use proper grammar.


Please stay true to the story of the original Fairy Tail Manga/Anime.


Please respect the other RPer(s) and their Character(s)' wishes.


Please put down the Name of your favourite Fairy Tail Character to show that you have read the Rules and can be approved to be either a New Character and/or a Old Character.


You can have up to 3 Characters per person.


You can join a Mage Guild, Light or Dark or go Neutral if you want.


You can be a Character from the Original Series if you want.


You don't have to Sign In the Theme Songs or Voice Actors Parts if you don't want to, they are just for fun :].


Have fun :].


New Character Sheets:










Type of Magic:


Mage Guild:




Sub Weapon:






Japanese Voice Actor:


English Voice Actor:


Theme Song:


Old Character Sheets:




Japanese Voice Actor:


English Voice Actor:


Theme Song:


The Rise of Ezodus Arc Opening-https://youtu.be/XQFCaw-eAQg.

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