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I don't know Steven Universe or anything about the characters.. ^_^; but I totally see it and get it and, I agree with KhUndertaleFan. Poor Xion. xD


Maybe personality wise Peridot turned out less shy than Xion?? But in any case, they both dealt with pretty close things that could relate to each other. And they went from obedient to rogues. Maybe in different manners but along parallel paths.. somewhat.


But there is also a difference between a more serious drama and comic exaggerated drama too. And This was hilarious. xD

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Huh? What do you mean?


How are they anything alike? Xion is pretty reserved and quiet, while Peridot is pretty much always over the top. She's constantly yelling and spouting out orders when she's first introduced as a character and even now Peridot is super talkative and generally jumpy and extreme.


I'd say, if you want to draw comparisons to anyone, Xion is probably most like Lapis. Reserved, trying to cope with stuff, but still appreciative of her friends.

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