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Arya Stark

Artifact (RP)

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It has been three months since the changing of society as we know it in the grand world at hand. Artifacts, items of intense magical and mysterious power came into existence from wherever they lay in slumber. In that moment, everything blew up. Hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, tornadoes, not to mention lesser scale disasters resulting in tragic massacres. The world is struggling to keep up, struggling to realize what its place is.


In this struggle have come three organizations in the United States that each seek to solve the problem.


Mulhaney's Army, an illicit Artifact-wielding organization led by their discoverer himself, Doctor Mulhaney. The man and his team is sternly anti-crime and seek to save many innocents from disasters involving Artifacts, though they are condemned by using Artifacts at all. Mulhaney has a larger plan if you ask any that know of him, but he says little of it, instead seeming focused on helping the world as it is.


BAR, the Bureau of Artifact Regulation is the government's answer to Artifacts. Realizing the gravity of the situation and the power of the enemies it sought to contain, the government forewent further uses of standard military personnel, instead recruiting and utilizing Artifact wielders that had turned themselves in or were already employed in the military to put a cap on the growing problem of Artifacts.


Nox, a criminal organization led by one Nox, a mysterious woman who came to power with the Artifacts. They're involved in near everything dirty, and she recruits indiscriminately, her one condition be that you are strong. She often forces people into her crew for their strength, using threats and blackmail. They are growing further and further by the day as more and more Artifact wielders come under her control.


These three organizations are soon to clash in a scene of epic proportions. But first, they must assemble. Each has put out a call for core agents to meet up at their headquarters. Word is that there is a mission to do.


Artifacts will destroy the world. Unless you save it first.

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- Atlas -

The dream always went the same way. Atlas stood on the same spot he stood that fateful day, surrounded by the bodies of those he called friends. But they weren't dead. They should be. No human could have survived that. Yet they were alive. Moaning in pain, screaming, wriggling around in pure agony. Those who could crawled to him, reaching for him as he tried to get away. Some begged for help. Others screamed obscenities and blame at him, asking him why he had done what he did. Atlas never had an answer, unable to get away from them as they pulled him to the ground with him. That's always when he woke up, just like now. Blinking a few times, Atlas yawned, rubbing his eyes as he stretched. He floated above the bed given to him, just a few feet above it. He never did it intentionally, and yet he didn't object it either. He felt his earring, made out of a golden material as it wrapped around its ear like a snake, precious stones adorning it. It was still real after all. "Atlas!" A voice yelled. Atlas turned his body to look down, seeing one of his many new friends, no, allies, looking up at him. When he first showed up he was utterly terrified. He could barely keep his stomach contents in out of the anxiety he felt. Yet, when he demonstrated his artifact's power, instead of fear, he was a greeted with praise. "You can control gravity?!" "That's so cool!" "Can you lift me up too?!" That brought him comfort. He wasn't feared. For the first time since that day, he felt normal again. "Dr. Mulhaney called for you and some others to the office." He said. Atlas hummed. For him? "Ok." Atlas said, gently floating down until he was sitting on the bed, where the grip of gravity released him to its normal state. "Someone's in trouble~" "Don't be so mean to him!" The others joked. They ranged from all ages, the artifact users, draw of the straw in a way. Yet, it was like a family, and Dr. Mulhaney was their leader and father figure. At least, Atlas saw it that way. He tied his rollerblades on, instantly finding balance as he stood, not hesitating to skate out of the room. He waved at a few of them before skating down the hall towards Dr. Mulhaney's office, arriving with his thoughts still scrambling to organize themselves from waking up.


- Nero -

"We're finally taking the step, aren't we?" Nero asked, walking alongside another official as they headed to their superior's office. "Yes. We have finally gained enough capable Artifact users that are willing to work with us against the threats of Mulhaney and Nox, among others." The young man in uniform said. Nero looked down at the documents given to him to briefly look over while on the way. They were the overview of two Artifact users he would be working with. "I would have...expected more." Nero admitted, the youth smiling back in an attempt of pity. "Anyone else either refused to take part, or were not capable of handling what it will be required of them. If only we had the luck to have more Artifact users with some military background, huh?" He said. Nero chuckled. "Don't look so down. These young ladies might end up being better than me at my own job. After all, what is a queen without her king? Historically speaking, more powerful. Besides. It is better this way. Not everyone who has the training and mantra for it should be allowed to wield such a dangerous thing...even if it is by the draw of a straw whether or not they find one." Nero said, closing the files. "A...aren't you scared? I mean, that they might turn against you and try to escape?! Or that you might get killed-" The soldier began, only to stop once Nero raised his hand with the files slightly. "Nonsense. We feel that every single day already without the artifacts. Besides, if they decide to turn against me." Nero smiled brightly. "I'll just have to break their bones until they can't fight back anymore." The solider gasped, going pale. There was silence for a few seconds before Nero busted out laughing. "I'm pulling your leg! Oh you looked so serious and scared! I didn't think it'd actually work!" Nero laughed. The young soldier sighed in relief. "Well, this is as far as I can go, sir. I must return to my post." "Very well, I'll go ahead and enter the office. Wait for the others and all." Nero said. He watched the soldier nod and walk away. He watched him until he disappeared around a corner, Nero frowning slightly. "Let's just hope that while trying to save the world, we don't destroy it." Nero whispered, turning as he walked into the office.

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Torture. Breakfast. Read. Read. Read. Lunch. Read. Read. Create. Dinner. Sleep. That was Sora's life now. It was all she had. Ever since the Artifact came to her...ever since she began to Create, her life went downhill. She was alone. Lost. Unable to escape. Unable to find safety. She was awoken by the usual key - she dragged herself up, standing, as the guard came in. She was led out and down the hall, where she was then strapped into a chair. A bucket of water doused her, and she sputtered and coughed, the stale liquid disgusting. They'd shock her for a few minutes now, mostly to keep her afraid, before taking her for a shower.


It was here they sort of let her spend a bit of time, under the warm spray. Clean of grime and sweat and tears, she would come out and dress in whatever they had that time - this time, jean shorts, a halter top, and an off the shoulder knitted sweater. Led to the library area, she as put in the corner and forced to read. Tanks, planes, guns, science, biology. All of it...and it was all she got to do.

She was alone.


And she was planning.

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- Artemis -


If one could take a look at the sketchbook that was next to the sleeping girl on the park they would find beautiful landscapes within, animals from far and wide, both almost looked real and full of life, the girl, though? she was hugging her knees, the only sounds were the sound of her breathing and the faint sound of classical music coming from an earbud.
If anyone asked this girl what she was doing her answer would be taking inspiration for her next drawing, the truth? she was waiting further orders from her benevolent benefactors. Ever since the day her father was killed and her mother was taken away the routine was the same, observe, learn, wait for orders, complete objective, leave no witnesses, repeat.
All because of the cursed artifacts that appeared around the world. Her dreams of music and art were replaced by those of freedom and reunion, but sometimes those seemed impossible to obtain with each passing day.

The faint sound of the phone woke the girl up, and in a quick movement she turned the phone on and read her message, just a single phrase, "rendezvous". The young woman picked her sketchbook up, put it inside her rucksack and walked into the crowd, quickly getting lost among the populace. It was time to go back to Nox's HQ, the darkest place in her entire life.

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{Ember Jones - Mulhaney's Army}

Ember was awake ahead most of Mulhaney's followers, up before light, practicing the combat techniques she had been learning. She was getting to be a pretty good shot with her pistols and hand-to-hand combat was coming pretty easy. The katana she was practicing with now was something of a odd throw back. Her practical side viewed training with it as unnecessary and a waste of time. But some last hold outs of the kid she viewed herself as before stuck to it because it was cool. Plus, her choker made it reasonably useful even in this modern age.

Out in a park, she was part way through one of the sword forms she had been able to find on the internet when she messed upon it. Frustrated and angry at herself, Ember sheathed the blade more forcefully than normal and tossed the weapon on a bench, then sat beside it. She wanted perfection from herself, but she wasn't there yet, which worried her. With other people, like the BAR and Nox, grabbing up artifacts that should go to those who share Mulhaney's vision of a better world, Ember knew that the obstacles to a better world were only growing. True, Doctor Mulhaney had the most powerful, but it was still going to be tough enough without the wrong people getting ahold of artifacts. What ever challenge the BAR and Nox had planned, Ember was determined to make sure she could handle them to let Dr. Mulhaney handle the big picture.

Calming down a little, she pulled out a water bottle from under the bench and took a drink. After her second swig, she spotted a young man jogging up.

"Morning, Graham." She said with a nod.

"Morning, Ember." The young man said, a little out of breath. "The Doctor said he has a meeting coming up later this morning he wants you to sit in on."

Ember checked her watch, then nodded.

"Okay, thanks man." She said, grabbing up her katana and standing up. "See you around."

With that, she concentrated, using her Choker of Teleportation to make several jumps to get back to her lodging, a slight heat haze the only sign she had been there after she teleported. At her room, she quickly took a shower and changed into clean clothes. After grabbing a breakfast bar, she headed for Doctor Mulhaney's office.


{Damian Farrier - Neutral}

Damian walked down the street of a sleepy little town he was passing through on his way to somewhere more important. With the rise of these multiple factions, all using these blasted artifacts, he was having a harder time figuring out the best way to get to Mulhaney. With these obvious threats, security was going to be tighter. He had watched all known footage of the man. He hadn't yet figured out what the good doctor's artifact was or if he had more than one. While his desire to kill Mulhaney was his driving force at the moment, he was smart enough to understand that he didn't have the power to confront Mulhaney. For now, he had to bid his time and try to figure out a weakness to exploit.

As Damian past an alley, he heard a muffled scream. He paused a moment, then turned back and entered the alley. Inside the shady space between buildings was a man with a gun trying to take advantage of a woman. Damian's eyes darkened as his hand shifted closer to his revolver.

"Hey." He called out, but the mugger responded instantly with a double tap to Damian's chest.

The girl let out another muffled scream.

"Shut up!" The mugger growled, pointing the gun at his victim again. "Unless you wanna end up like the white knight there."

Something grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the wall behind him. It took a moment for the mugger to refocus, but when he did, he found himself face to face with a partially decayed Damian.

"Wrong choice." Damian growled as his damaged artifact started draining life from the mugger to heal and revitalize its wielder.

The mugger panicked and shot Damian a couple more times in the chest, but that only accelerated the draw on his life force. In a few moments, the mugger was just a dried up husk. Damian, now looking normal and healed of the gunshot wounds, dropped the corpse. He took several deep breaths before half turning to the woman who was froze in fear. He knew better than to try to convince her he wasn't a monster. Those arguments hadn't even worked on himself.

"Get out of here." He ordered in a dark voice.

Snapped out of her horror, the woman scrabbled up and ran out of the alley. Grabbing a duffle he had dropped when he had gotten shot, Damian left the alley the opposite way the woman had run out of it and continued on his way.

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