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Image Old Painting: Miss Piggy (Zing Into Sping Plush) Memories?

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Here is an old painting I did in Painting 1 class in Community College. 


I forgot what kind of painting project it is. I think it was Memories.... 


One thing that was a royal pain is making gold with brown and yellow. I had to keep adding a little of yellow till it looks so golden. 



What inspired me to make a painting of Miss Piggy is one of those new Muppets Movies. It's the one that (I think) introduce Walter and him and his brother were trying to bring the Muppets back together again. Just hearing the "Rainbow Connection" again made me tear up. So I remember my mom giving me and my brother a Kermit/Miss Piggy Zing Into Spring plush with its cassette tape. We would listen to it a number of times. I could say "The Rhyming Song" was my favorite because it was funny and didn't make any sense, as the Muppets were singing it. Despite I didn't have the plush anymore, I google-d it online and sketched it on my mini art pad and canvas. Then I had to visualize her sitting on my bed while leaning on my pillow.


Sorry about my image being so big. 


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