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Tetsuya Nomura answers fan questions about Kingdom Hearts III; discusses Square Enix characters, secret bosses, CGI movie, and more

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The interview was very interesting to read for sure. But I would be lying if I didn't find myself a little disappointed too. I really, really hope he doesn't bring back Alice In Wonderland. That one' overstayed it's welcome and should instead either open new doors for a Pocahontas world or New Orleans.

Agreed. Alice in Wonderland really does not need to come back, especially the Tim Burton one. I really want that New Orleans world, and I hope they picked it to be in the game.

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And yes Nomura, lol, I wanna fight Sephiroth again! Plus any other awesome secret bosses you may have in mind! And if there were a CGI movie made, Nomura has to be at the helm, because I don't want a movie based on the franchise to screw things up! No, it has to be in Nomura's capable hands! X_X

I'd like to face either Caius from FFXIII-2 or Ardyn from FFXV as a secret boss fight. xD



If they do end up making a CGI movie, (which would be awesome btw), I think it should take place between KH3 and the next KH saga, like maybe 6 months to a year later?


I think that if they do make a movie it should start out with a quick recap of the most important moments in the entire Xehanort Saga, similar to how FFVII Advent Children started out. What do you think?

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