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What Do You Think Is in The Black Box?  

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  1. 1. What Do You Think Is in The Black Box?

    • The Key to Return Hearts
    • The Master of Masters Heart
    • The True Kingdom Hearts
    • Sea Salt Ice Cream Recipe
    • The TRUE Book of Prophecies
    • The X-Blade
    • The Master of Masters Himself!
    • Something Metaphorical
    • Something Else? Share Below?

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MoM is a troll and the box will be no different. There is nothing noteworthy in the box. He is just trolling, which means Nomura is trolling the fanbase. Trust me.

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My guess would be the X-Blade, or at least, some fragments of it. But then, if that were the case, then what would be the point of Xehanort and Sora's forces clashing when the box would already have the X-Blade? But still, I guess this, because I honestly don't think that the Key To Return Hearts is in there. That, I believe, resides in the data that Ansem collected on Sora when he was asleep, therefore leading to my belief that Sora's heart will draw out this Key To Return Hearts.


If it's not the X-Blade that's in the box, it could be the heart of the Master Of Masters himself! I doubt it could be the true Kingdom Hearts. Something that massive can't be contained in such a small box. xD

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Since the final cutscene in X Back Cover is titled "Heart and Key," this leads me to believe that the box contains a heart, since the Key would obviously be No Name. My guess would be the Master of Master's heart.

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