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My Tragic Love story...of KH

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Once apon a lie..a dream.. a wish...

My life had changed significantly.Inside my room,laying down on my bed,wishing for something good to happen.I wanted to get away from my troubles..somewhere far away...where I couldn't hurt inside...

Somewhere like.....Kingdom Hearts...


Chapter 1:Welcome to the Destiny Islands

Then I find myself in a dark space. I get up,then look forward. I see... a warm light...Shining through a door.

"Do you wish to enter?"

"Enter what? The door?" I thought. I was hearing or seeing words in my head. Then I slowing took steps twards the shining,beautiful door.It too,opened slowly.

When I walked past it,I found myself falling. Falling through...a sky...it felt...good.

Then I started to notice being wet and cold. Then suddenly, I realized I needed air. Frantically pushing through the blue waves,the cold water.I could barely see. I felt a warm touch,and then nothing

x x x x

"......Her breathing is a sign right?"

"But still! She fell out of the sky and Into the sea. I'm surprised you even saw."

"Kairi,knock it off.At least she's alive."

"Wakka,don't be so mean!The girl can probably hear you guys.Even though she's in Riku's arms."

I heard a boy say "Wonder what she sounds like?" Then there was silence.Finally!I opened my eyes to find 6 woried and relieved faces staring at me.I got bored,closed my eyes,and snuggled up against a warm chest.

"Oooohhh" 'Riku you sly dog you!" and "Ha!" was what I heard next. With haste,I opened my eyes to see.....Him.He had pale aqua-colored eyes,a pale complexion,and long silvery-blue hair.

He had an emotionless expression,then said "Well it's about time you opened you eyes,sleepy head.You had us worried." WITH a smile on his face!

Suprised by his response,I turned to find an empty corner.I got up and ran,then turned again.They had the most coolest and weirdest clothes.Dresses,shorts,skirt shorts,and tank tops must have been the style here.I counted 4 boys and 2 girls.

A cool breeze blew my hair into my eyes.That was when I noticed...my hair was black and short.

"H-how did my hair get black?! And who cut it?!"I yelled.

A spiky haired boy with a red outfit said"Whoah!"

The redheadded girl said "You must be out of it.Ha!"

''Sheesh,Kairi. You're worse than Selphie."Said the other redhead.He was holding a small blue ball.

"Well at least I know,Selphie." said Kairi.

"Hold it.My name is Tori.I suppose the 2 redheads are Kairi and Wakka?''I asked.

''Well at least she's smart huh?Yup,you're right.My name's Tidus.That would be Selphie in the yellow,Sora in the red,and Riku in the blue.Wakka is the tall one,while Kairi is the short one.''He grinned.

"Hey!''yelled Kairi.She then turned to me.Kairi was giving me a hard glare."Well at least I've got style."

I looked at her,confused,then stared down at myself.I wore a long purple,sleeveless dress that went down to my knees."Look uh,Kairi?If my presence is offending you....then I'll try and find my way home."

She stared at me like I crushed her feelings.

"I...I'm sorry.I'm just...not... I don't know you so well so...I,again I'm sorry."she said.

"Okay then."Then I offered my hand out to her.She took it and smiled.

"Welcome to the Destiny Islands,Tori."Kairi gave me a small,tender hug.




Sorry this isn't completed yet....Wanted to put this on Fan Fiction...

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ok heres what happened.Kairi was going on a date with sora.sora went to the restroom and kairi went out for a walk outside the retaurant.Some punks came up to her and they were talking.I walked up and said "buzz off" and one of them punched me.I grabbed his knuckle and threw him back then i said "leave the girl alone,guys" then they left.then she thanked me and i said "you owe me"

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I didn't mean in your story. ><


I was joking and I meant if I did it in rl. o-o Which obviously wouldn't happen because that is indeed, impossible.


I think. xD

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