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What type of environment will the next Kingdom Hearts 3 World have?

What type of environment will the next Kingdom Hearts 3 World have?  

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  1. 1. What type of environment will the next Kingdom Hearts 3 World have?

    • Aquatic
    • Futuristic
    • Fiery
    • Wintry
    • Jungle/Forest
    • Space
    • Modern City
    • Desert
    • Mountainy
    • Something else? Share below!

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Wintry. Frozen is coming and we all know it and I am actually really excited because I want to see Sora finally wear some appropriate winter gear and not freeze his arms and legs in the Land of Dragons/Christmas Town. I mean it depends on when news come out, I also think they'll save a winter world for a winter announcement.

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I have several ideas.


Jungle: Jungle Book

Ancient: Spirited Away

Mountain: The Black Cauldron

Aquatic: The Lost Empire

Space: Treasure Planet

Desert: The Lone Ranger

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Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!! SpacespacespacespaceGottaGoToSpace, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCE!!!!!!!


Ahem, I mean, whether it's Treasure Planet or some Star Wars themed world, either way I just want to get my daily dosage of space wonder in KH.


I think everybody is thinking of the same thing when they select Wintry, lol. I don't blame them. X)"


But you're missing another favorite on here, DIGITAL. I mean, I know that can only apply to one thing at this point, TRON, and with the rebooting of the series it seems unlikely that they will feature anything of that sort in there (what with both TRON and Legacy having already been represented and featuring a reboot would be kind of a mess for the KH universe, especially if the original material already exists within it). But then again, Wreck-It-Ralph could actually fit the Digital bill just as effectively (lol, you could even put in a Tron video game cabinet), and it's just as relevant now since it has a sequel coming out in another year or so. You could even just make an original in-between story like they're doing with Toy Story and it'd work just as fine, if not better than recreating the original story.


Of course I'd be up for seeing something from any of the other themes. I'd still like to see a tropical world like Jungle Book or Lilo and Stitch, an Aquatic world like Atlantis would be AWESOME to play around in with the new engine, a Zootopia world would be a good use of both a city and jungle theme (and uh, desert theme, and wintry theme, and aquatic theme...you know what, it'd just be fun to have it altogether). I feel like San Fransokyo already fills a futuristic/modern city/Marvel niche on it's own, so there's little need to further those (Nomura did say they tend to look to diversify their themes for each featured world). Anything else would be interesting to see, but we should keep in mind that there's only a finite amount of Disney worlds to work with this time around. Not as little as Dream Drop Distance, but not as much as KH2 either. Probably more along the lines of BBS or KH1, give or take one or two Disney worlds. They're going to be fairly selective, so we won't get as wide of a variety as we got in KH2, but hopefully enough of one that we don't mind the difference in number.

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Atlantis and Treasure Island

Both would work beautifully don't even get me started omg. And since there were early model worlds of Space Island in DDD fingers crossed developers saved it for KHIII

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