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~Animorphs: Revisted~

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              My name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, and I am dead. What you see here is what an old friend has granted me- the last of my thoughts projected into a physical form. If my friend is right, then whoever can see this- that person is someone that he foresaw making a difference. I do not know how much of an impact anyone on this planet could have on this war, but I put my trust in the him, and also in you.





             "Xander...?" James brushed his own brown hair around a bit, each strand hopelessly tangled around another. He turned his head towards the boy, taller than himself. James had plenty of respect for Xander- his intelligence was something James was a bit jealous of, but not jealous enough to avoid him. He liked to think Xander was his friend, but wasn't quite sure what Xander himself thought.


              "Sorry I spent so long in there. I got a bit carried away." Held horizontally, James carried a bag of what, to anyone who saw it, would look like random scribbles. In truth, it was a stack of comics. Having just returned from the mall, James refused to hold the bag by the handles- the last thing he wanted to do was bend the comics he had just bought.


               The road they were traversing, lit only by a handful of streetlights and the occasional passing car, was almost always busy during the day. It was a familiar sight to anyone who lived here- but to one who was not local, it was somewhat spooky. The amusement park, looking as if it should be lit and aglow, stood dark and unnerving. There had been a handful of deaths here mere months ago, leading to the closure of the park. Sometimes kids would sneak in, vandalizing the leftover rides or doing other illegal activities. James liked to avoid it- he was always a bit sensitive about where people died. Souls should be allowed to rest, and disturbing their death site seemed to be disrespectful. He wasn't the only one to have this thought- which is why the site hadn't been demolished yet. It stood as a solemn reminder of those who had passed. 


               "Did you get anything good?" James spoke up, attempting to take his mind off of the events that took place then.

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Xander Pierce wasn't sure why he hung out with James Harper, though he supposed it boiled down to the fact that unlike everyone else, James wasn't intimidated by Xander's intelligence. That and he's the only person Xander would consider 'unpredictable', even going so far as actually approaching and talking to him. When he came back and asked what Xander had gotten, he held up the bag in his hand. In said bag was the latest of a long line of Dark Souls-like games, one of the few things he could find enjoyable, as it not only tested his intelligence and skill, but most of the bosses were unpredictable at times, so it gave him a challenge.


(quick post while on break)

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