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FINAL FANTASY: The Adventure Begins!

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"May the Fantasy never end."




In a World called Cryst, lives a young, 16 year old, teenage lad named Lightou, you see, ever since he was naught but 6 years old, he has always dreamed of searching for something, known, as the Elemental Crystal and it is said, that, with its almighty power, can ALL of the desires of the Human Heart be granted, as it can grant unimaginable power...Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, you name it, both anything and everything once the Elemental Crystal has been claimed...will be yours...


however, Lightou discovers a rather shocking revelation, a young man who looks exactly like him in appearance has also been seeking the Elemental Crystal but upon finding it: he shattered it into four Shards and gave them to his four generals each to travel across the four cardinal points of Cryst and there, await further orders on what to do with the Elemental Shards, their names are Fire Erif, Water Retaw, Wind Dniw and finally, last but not least Earth Htrae, the leader of these four generals and the young man who leads the four generals themselves, the one who looks just exactly like Lightou is named Darkou, a young man with a both strange and mysterious aura surrounding him...


in order to first begin his big, brand new adventure in order to find these generals, reclaim the Elemental Shards and forge them back into the almighty Elemental Crystal, Lightou must first find companions that will join him on his quest in the port city called Talataka, there, Lightou hopes to find at least three people that have the same more or less desire that he has for the Elemental Crystal and "use" these "allies" of his to claim the Crystal back, it will not be easy, Lightou knows this but guided by a both strange and mysterious talking swallow named Ephinia that somehow knows how to locate the Shards and aided by his trusty weapon in battle, the Katana he passionately calls simply Masa...Lightou begins an adventure unlike any other, the adventure he thinks to be one of a lifetime itself, the adventure...to reclaim the Elemental Crystal!


what will happen if and when Lightou recovers the Shards of the Elemental Crystal and forges them back into one? what will happen when he meets this Darkou who uncanny resembles him? most especially, how will Lightou get along with at least three of his companions accompanying him on his journey? find out, in the story of: 


FINAL FANTASY: The Adventure Begins!




Character Sheet:














Sub Weapon:




To show that you have read the rules, please post at the end of your Character Sheet one of your favourite pieces of FF Music.


You can only have 2 Characters per person.


Please use proper grammar.


No Romance above age 15.


No Swearing above age 15.


No God-Modding.


Please stay true to FF mythology.


Please talk with me if you wish to have a Character from one of the Video Games appear in the Role-Play.


Please do not make any Kingdom Hearts references, this is strictly a FF RP only.


Have fun! :].


This is the Theme Song for the RP :]-https://youtu.be/xSXr99WhxDo.

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