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I've  been playing less than a  month and Ive reached the point where I can no longer continue only using my highest strength medals in my keyblades.  Currently I have the following keyblades:


Olympia (lvl 30)

Divine Rose (lvl 22)

Moogle of Glory (lvl 3)

Starlight (lvl 24)

Treasure Trove (lvl 24)

:Lady Luck (lvl 24)

Three Wishes (lvl 28)


Which Combos do you think would be the best? Currently I have the following medals:

(The numbers after the names indicates how many stars the medal has)

Jiminy Cricket 6
KH II King Mickey 6
Halloween Donald B 6
Orchestra Sora 6
Hayner & Pence & Olette 6
Donald B 5, 6
Pluto 5
Tinker Bell 5
KH II Leon A 5
KH Yuffie 5
Final Form Sora 5
Luxford 5
Musketeer Donald 5
Olette B 5
Dumbo 4,5
Yuna 4
Donald A 4
Selphie 3
HD Sora 6
Illustrated Ventus 6
Stitch 6
Rikku 6
KH III Sora (EX) 6
KH Sora A 5 (X2), 6
 Tidus 5 (X2)
Mulan 5
KH Sora B 5
Tifa 5
Limit Form Sora 5
Peter Pan 5
KH II Aerith 5
Master Form Sora 5
Uniform Selphie 5
Captain Hook 5
Vanitas 5
Rai 5
Tigger 5
Goofy A 6
Young Hercules 6
DiZ 6
Musketeer Goofy 6
HD Riku 6
KH 0.2 Riku 6
Pooh & Tigger & Rabbit 6
Mushu 5
Bambi 5
KH II Cloud 5
Phil 5
KH II Leon B 5
Alice 5
Timeless River Pete 5
Timeless River Goofy 5
Isa 5
Ansem 5
Pence B 5
Axel B 5
Winnie the Pooh B 5
Any advice would be welcome.Thanks.

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I don't remember what each of these medals do off the top of my head, but it's definitely a good idea to start using medals that increases your strength and lower enemies' defense. Try to put those either first if they increase for an entire turm or if they increase for a certain amount of attack try to place them near your strongest medals. That's what I do anyway. Like I've got my KH III Sora first in Olympia to boost the rest of my attacks. I do also know that Vanitas is pretty good, so you might want to get him to a 6 star. You also might want to get more medals if you have the jewels to spare because I don't think too many of the ones you have boost strength. Hope that helped any! 

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I'll just say this, Anything you have that's Tier 4 or higher, use those as much as possible. Tier 3 or lower, you'd only want to use buffers or any medal that has a damage multiplier higher than 3.0, if anything of this makes sense.


- RemieGino14 - 

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