[Interest Check] Fate Roleplay

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Essentially, an interest check of sorts for a Fate Roleplay involving servants being summoned from different anime/manga/Light novels and games.


Not sure how to really go into too much detail but the general idea would be no canons from Fate just OC masters paired with canon characters from different franchises converted into Servant Form, all for the omnipotent wish granting device... Other ideas would include a Fate/Grand Order setting where I the DM/Master end up summoning a bunch of servants from different series and singularities are based off other franchises worlds and all.


If anyone has any interest in either idea just say so and all.



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I would probably join (I do so love the Fate series).  Would it be possible that we use either historical or mythological characters instead of fictional ones from anime or video games, perchance?  That piques my interest a little more, but either option is fine.


I'm not familiar with Grand Order, so I would prefer the first option by default, but I'm not opposed to doing a little research and potentially joining if everyone else prefers the Grand Order idea.

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