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Finn and vigor

Are the Dandilions in Xchi Related to Marluxia's cherry Blossoms in a symbolic fashion?

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The same can be said for Demyx, Larxene, and Luxord. Actually now that I think about it, aside from Ventus there are four other Union cross members, and 4 other organization members we know little about..........................................................Eh probably just a coincidence. Lol No, I doubt the other 3 have any relevance to this theory. Then again it would fill in the gaps for those four Organization members but considering how there are 2 females and 2 males in the four Union members I seriously doubt it.

By 2 females and 2 males, are you talking about Skuld, Strelitzia, Ephermer, and Blaine?


I mean, it'd be funny if Ephermer is Demyx, Skuld is Larxene, and Blaine is Luxord, but that leaves out Strelitzia. Marluxia is obviously Lauriam, now the question is how did his Nobody show up in Organization XIII? Then that ties into Ansem (Xehanort) Back in KH1 when he was defeated...which means Xemnas was born and had barely started the Organization.


This timeline/plot/whatever the hell you wanna call it, hurts my brain... Someone please tell me if I'm somewhat off.


- RemieGino14 - 

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Well, I think all the same Strelitzia will play a role in the future. It would be foolish to create a character with a unique name and appearance so that it can be merged so quickly.

It does not matter what is possible and indirect, but I still think I will somehow prove myself. We just have to wait for the continuation.

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Everyone here wondering how Finn got this right, and I'm like: "His icon is Conlinort, so of course he knows what's up! He's forseen everything that's happened!" So Finn knew all along...he was always there...


Lol, but going seriously into the topic, it looks as though Marluxia will hold a very significant relation to the story of Union X now that the latest story update has shed to light his true name, Lauriam! The question now is, what happens from here, ya know?

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