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Unfortunately, that summary only covers the events of the browser game, which means it misses several recent events that happened after the browser game was shut down.  I'm not sure of a source that covers all the later stuff in one place, does anyone know?

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5 Keyblade Wielders under Ultimate Master Deadpool are given Book of Prophesies that say the world is gonna end. Ira/Unicorn Man wants to prolong the light of the 1 World for as long as possible, and brings up the idea of forming Unions of Keyblade Wielders to prevent the darkness from destroying the World. Master Deadpool, a little too accepting of both the End and Ira's plan, helps his 5 pupils set up the Unions but says that no alliances can be formed. His pupils become the Foretellers and they are all given tasks by Master Deadpool that eventually pit them all against each other. Rumors of a traitor among them spread, and Gula/Leopardus is told this by Master Deadpool, throwing more suspicion and increasing the desire of each Foreteller's Union to gather light. Union members start fighting each other, and it all finally comes to a head at the Keyblade Graveyard where everybody dies. (This is original X)


Meanwhile, Ava/Foxy Lady starts her task of gathering Keybladers that will be spared the end of the world, transported to a new World (unchained X) and continue the fight against the darkness. These are the Dandelions. She's also given the task of finding 5 Keybladers who will lead the new Unions. The first one we're seen approached about this is Ephemer(a), a friend of the player's from another Union who was investigating the secrets of the Book of Prophesies and the nature of the separate Unions. After he disappears to the Unchained World, we meet his friend Skuld. With her, we find out about the "nature of the traitor" and when the End will start. Skuld joins the Dandelions and also becomes the second new Union leader. (This is unchained X)


After the War, you're saved by Skuld and Ephemer, even though you didn't join the Dandelions. You and the Dandelions are transported to Unchained X with your memories erased. A decision made by 4 of the 5 leaders: Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus (yeah, BBS Ven), and Blaine (who's probably shady). Maleficent is shown in this World, hiding from Sora, but also shown to be following the story of The Enchanted Dominion. (This is very unclear).


We just were introduced to the cutest character ever: Strelitzia, a shy Keyblader who wanted to be friends with our player. She was chosen to be the last Union leader. But Nomura literally just killed her last night, and someone took her information book about how to be a Union leader. Lauriam (add an X, see what you find) instead is seen as the 5th Union leader. This is now where Union X begins.


ALSO MEANWHILE  FOR X :The 6th apprentice  of Master Deadpool, Luxu is given a completely different task, Xehanort's Keyblade with a magical eye that can see future, and a mysterious box. Luxu will observe the outcome of the War and make sure that Xehanort's Keyblade is passed on and on, so that Master Deadpool can see into the future and write in the Book of Prophecy. After all that, Master Deadpool disappears and the World begins its spiral.


Side note: It looks like we're visiting separate worlds, but the Book of Prophecies creates an illusion of travelling to different worlds through Daybreak Town. This allows for Kayblade wielders to collect more Light/Lux from the world.

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